Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flip your script and save 5% at Target + $50 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY

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My husband has high cholesterol. You know, the kind where you have to watch your meat intake, your fat intake, and increase your activity and exercise. Unfortunately for him, it actually has nothing to do with diet and exercise and everything to do with his genes. Which means that at the young age of 24, he was placed on medicine to help lower his numbers and has to go in for routine blood work to make sure that the pills that he is on does not have a negative effect on his liver. He also has this major responsibility of having to remember to take his pills every day. In other words, his wife has this responsibility of having to remind him. And here I thought I had another 50 years before we were faced with this challenge.

In all seriousness though, we are grateful that we have modern medicine, that we were able to catch these things through a routine physical, and that my husband is getting the treatment that he needs to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not only for himself but also for his family.

And then I heard about Target pharmacy.

Target, a place that we frequently shop at and one that my husband always tries his hardest to pull me away from {and fails miserably}, also has a pharmacy where one has the ability to fill his/her prescription. I mentioned this to my husband, who in return asked me why? Why Target?

Simply put: "Save money!"

And then, because I'm a list person myself, I created him a list. Stood on top of our chair in the kitchen,

held the spoon to my mouth and presented my speech:

1. By switching to Target, and filling 5 scripts, I can save 5% off my total order. That's right, while we
wait for my husband's prescription to be filled; we get a 5% discount for flipping our script.

2. Rewards, Andrew, REWARDS! Then, after filling a script 5 times {vaccines also count}, we get 5% off our shopping order!

3. Text alerts. No need to call in to ask if your prescription is ready, while we are shopping they will text us to let us know.

4. Target has some generics for $4.

5. And if that wasn't convincing enough, then this ranking should be: “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies by J.D. Power.”

Although Andrew really wanted to roll his eyes at this grand idea of mine, I know that what he was really  thinking about is that finally there was a way to lower my Target bill. Not to mention that during the month of April, Target is having Double Credit Days; fill once, earn twice, and be that much closer to your 5% off shopping trip!

So what are you waiting for? Flip the script, make up your shopping list, and while waiting for your

prescription, fill your red carts and save 5% at the register!


Better yet, here is your motivation to get that foot in the door. Enter below for a chance to win a $50 e-card to shop at Target! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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