Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let us call it what it is: An Easter Recap

I am actually doing a recap the night after {event, holiday, birthday, etc}. I'm going to let that sink in for a minute. Queen of scheduling posts over here, and yet I'm actually going to be on point with current events.

The reason for that is because we put the kids to bed at 6:50 and I have time before Andrew and I get on the couch to unwind. Although... I probably should actually be cleaning the mess of a hurricane that came through my house.  I should, but I won't.

Oh and let us just reiterate the fact that we put the kids to bed at 6:50. That has to tell you something--- a glimpse of what went down the past couple of days. 

Most importantly, we did not even get one family picture.

I keep getting stuck on that issue right there. When I was thinking about writing what I was going to say, I kept telling myself that I was going to start with that. I felt it was important. How, when we had multiple hands and eyes available, did we possibly pass up the opportunity to get a picture of the four of us. How.

Don't get me wrong, I got pictures, not enough, but I did. Yet it's been too long since we sat down, the four of us, and captured the moment. And for that, I wish I could just turn back time a little bit. I'm done with the chaos, the constant cleaning and picking up, and I'm happy for the quiet home and to return to a schedule, but I'm just bummed that I forgot this very important little {yet big} thing on the list.

But, like they say, no point in dwelling on the past and something you cannot change.

Moving along, Easter was wonderful and I was surrounded by the people I love the most.
We got up early in the morning and went to the first Church service, which was just beautiful and for the first time Graham actually went into the nursery without screaming his head off and requiring me to sit out with him and chase him while trying to watch the service. However, he was screaming when we did pick him up and that partly had to do with the fact that they were attempting to change his diaper. Oh ladies, this little man barely lets ME change his diaper {biggest charade ever}, so I can only imagine what that was like.

Andrew and I then hurried home to pick up the house from the weekend {we had Andrew's parents in town}, and getting some basic things chopped and ready for my family to arrive.

Once we did that, and once everyone arrived, we were able to finally relax and enjoy ourselves. That is if you don't count chasing after the little one since he is go-go-go-go. But that's all part of our every day so it was nothing to write home about.

We ate lots of food, drank a few beverages, ate the kind of cake that bunnies eat {carrot}, and of course had an Easter egg hunt.

Oh, back up, I forgot to mention the first thing that happened in the morning.

The kids followed the string down the stairs and around the kitchen to their baskets where they saw bunny prints, and two baskets of goodies waiting for them. Their baskets consisted of basic goodies {books, play-doh, sunglasses, pajamas, and cars}, and they were as pleased as can be. We decided to do no candy in baskets and throw in some chocolate and other goodies in their Easter eggs instead.  

Good call on that.

This bunny over here {me} is definitely worn out and tired. From the candy and chaos part at least.

Having family over, celebrating Jesus and his resurrection, and creating memories never gets old. It never gets old and it is always something I look forward to.

In fact, I'm already thinking of ideas for next year.

First thing on the list: bag races.

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