Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy Good Deals

There are some great deals I just had to share. I meant to make a post yesterday when there was free shipping going on at ON and Gap, but we were out and about all day and I just never got around to it. I hope though that people were able to still find out about it and be a part of the deal.

First things first:

BEFORE you even think about shopping, you better be signed up through Ebates first. It's a free website {seriously free no strings attached} where it tracks your online order and gives you FREE CASH BACK {literally a check in the mail} for a percentage of your purchases. Free money for shopping online. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is---it is true! {Plus you get a free $10 gift card to a place of your choice just for signing up}.

1. Old Navy $5 Deals + $10 cash back for every $25 spent + Free shipping once you spend $50.
 There are too many deals to share with this, so I will just share a few picture snapshots---there are hundreds guys, I highly suggest checking it out! And remember... CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

AND MORE! Go check it out!

3. Seemless Capri Leggins $6

 4. Oversized Cardigans $12

5. Dress up chest+dresses+accessories $49
 Includes chest, three dresses, tiara, slippers, wand, three necklaces, three bracelets, four rings and three headbands
6. Art Set {41 piece} Sale $14

7. 0.99 Headwraps

Happy Shopping!

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