Tuesday, July 9, 2013

60 Activities to do with Toddlers

I'm always in search of new and exciting things to do with little ones. Every time we do something we have never done before, it brings so much happiness to my heart. As though I am one big kid all over again. Except better. Because you get to watch this joy and excitement in a child's eyes. You get to watch them explore and discover the world. And there is truly something magical about a child learning and trying new things.

So I have compiled a list. A short list. Of some fun things that we have done and some things that we still plan to do. I'm sure there are 200+ more to write down, but these are just some of our favorite things.

1. Take them to the park
2. Spend the day at Children's museum
3. Spend the day at the Zoo/ Aquarium
4. Sandbox. Build your own. You can make them as big or small as you'd like
5. Take them to a puppet show. Or make your own show.
6. Circus
7. State fair
8. Picnic outside {the park}
9. Blowing Bubbles
10. Acquarium
11. Art Class
12. Music Class
13. Finger Paint
14. Paint a canvas together
15. Take them to a Splash pad
16. Pack a lunch and spend the day at the pool
17. Whip out the sprinkler
18. Make a water tub out
19. Go Putt Putting
20. Go Bowling
21. Take the to a Movie {try 3D!}
22. Drive in Movie {bring blankets and snacks!}
23. Take them to a live show/concer {Disney on ICE}. Check out what's playing at Ticketmaster.com
24. Christmas at the zoo
25. Pumpkin Patch in October {ride the tractor!}
26. Pick apples at the apple orchard
27. Berry picking at a local farm
28. Summer reading at the library
29. Story time/toddler time at the library
30. Seasonal/holiday crafts
31. Build a fort out of chairs and sheets
32. Water tub in your living room
33. Sign them up for a sport: soccer, swimming, dance, gymnastics, T-ball
34. Play dress up
35. Play in a band together with pots and pans and spoons
36. Collect rocks in a basket
37. Scavenger hunt
38. Bake cookies
39. Make musical maracas
40. Sign up for a local gymboree class-- lots of discounts available as well!
41. Plant an egg carton garden
42. Make toilet paper roll binoculars and spy on the neighbors
43. Make a home music video. Outfits, microphones, and shades are a must.
44. Buy a blank book and write a story together
45. Take them to a carnival
46. State Fair
47. Make play-dough
48. Sign up for playdates! Meetup.com
51. Make ice boats
53. Make a railroad out of chalk outside. Have them bring their trains and cars!
55. Paint with yogurt
58. Read books
59. Make an "Activity box"
60. Make a cardboard village

What are some of your favorite things to do with your little ones?


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