Monday, March 10, 2014

Playroom Organizational Ideas

Since we are in the process of remodeling/restructuring/re-everything of our playroom/living room area, I thought I would share some great ideas that I found along the way---many of which we are incorporating ourselves.


1. Turn a bookshelf into a bench. I cannot wait to do this project. I found the bookshelves on amazon for only $21 {ClosetMaid, 3-Shelf Laminate Stacker Organizer, White, 898700}. I plan on buying two so that I can make a 6 cubby bench. Then watch this awesome youtube video on the no sew bench cushion tutorial and you will be amazed at how easy this is!

Or you can buy cushions here:
Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Carmody Bench Cushion, Navy

6 storage baskets for only $30 + label the outside
Winsome Capri Set of 6 Foldable Fabric Baskets, Beige

2. Turn Spice Racks into Book Shelves: This is by far my favorite pinterest find and I am so excited that they are finally up and I get to show them off! Amazon sells them at $30 for a 4 pack, or $17 for a 2 pack {direct link: ikea spice racks }

3. Ikea spice racks into marker, crayon, and pencil holder! If you are like us and doesn't have an ikea close buy, then you are in luck because I happened to find them on amazon for a great price. I bought 4 for $30 {direct link: ikea spice racks }

4. Wire baskets on wall for stuffed animals. I kept trying to find baskets that were similar to these that are found at the world market {world market baskets}, and I found similar ones here on amazon.{ direct link: wire basket }

5. Mason Jars for crayons/craft storage. We do a lot of crafts and have sticks, cotton balls, eyeballs {yes, eyeballs}, and many other things that are just kind of thrown together in a box and need a better home. I love this idea of putting them in mason jars!
Pack of 12 for only $10 Ball Wide Mouth Quart Jars with Lids and Bands, Set of 12

6. Chalkboard labels for baskets, jars, etc. This adds the little extra touch and helps me figure out what to find in which basket. You can get a set of 40 labels for $10 on amazon here {chalkboard labels}.

The thing about our "playroom" is that it serves many different purposes. It is definitely the biggest room in the house and so we wanted to make sure that it would be a room that we still would "hang out" in and not one that was strictly for the kids' entertaining purposes. This is also the room that I do all of the learning {and eventually hopefully homeschooling} with our children. Did I want it to look like a homeschool room? No. Did I want to look strictly like a playroom? No. Did I want it to be an adult space? No.

I just wanted it to be a place where everything is natural, easy, accessible, and fun. And cozy. Let us not forget about cozy.

Today is not the day that I will be sharing the space, as it is definitely not done, but in time I will. I promise it won't be anything extravagant, and probably not even pinterest worthy, but I definitely love it already and am looking forward to seeing the final touches unravel. So far paint is on the walls and that is it. We need to decorate the walls, put up crown molding, and add some more organizational tools. And do these projects that I have in my head.

Starting... tomorrow.

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  1. All of these ideas sound awesome! Especially the bookshelf benches! And I'm so sorry about what happened with your website. I've been following your blog for about the last year and am positive your new site will be even more amazing 😊

  2. These are great ideas! I'll have to remember them for when we move. Can't be putting stuff in the walls here ;)

  3. Love all these ideas - and so glad that I've adopted a few in our house and playroom too! x

  4. I love those Ikea spice racks. When we were doing our playroom, the local Ikeas were sold out of them!! I had never thought to check Amazon. Tyler ended up making them and they look pretty close, though those would have been a lot less work ;)

    Also, if you make your own bench cushion (I didn't see a link to the video?) you can use velcro to slip the insert out to wash it (lifesaver in my house) - and the tutorial I used for mine actually recommended using a shower curtain because its durable and wipes off well, and there are really fun patterns out there. Can't wait to see your space!

  5. I love that bench idea!!!! We have a bay window it would be perfect for

  6. Great ideas! We are moving this year and I am definitely going to jot these ideas down!

  7. the bench is brilliant, have bookmarked this for our entryway!

  8. Hey, thanks for giving me an idea. This is very helpful for me. I'll try this in my condo for rent in BGC. Thank you very much for sharing!


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