Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

17. Easter stickers

Other little things to fill the baskets with: bubbles, crayons, paint, puzzles, flashcards.

With Easter being a month away, I thought I would throw together some of my finds while searching for ideas on filling the kids' Easter baskets. We don't do much of toys or candy for their baskets {as they get enough candy during the egg hunts}, but we do like to fill them with crafts, books, and fun things that they would enjoy.

A simple list above, and not one that is necessary for all. In fact, even just making a little "Easter book" with cardstock, some stickers, crayons, and maybe a lollipop will be sure to make any child happy. Actually, just a lollipop would probably do it.

No surprise there.

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  1. Love your suggestions! I wanted to send a few things to my niece and this gave me some great ideas :)

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