Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 Truths of the Week

1. Sleep is the greatest thing ever. When you can get it. I no longer dread the fact that we go to sleep by 10 pm {most nights sooner} every night. In fact, I literally run up the stairs when it's time for us to go to bed. I love sleep, and since I don't get nearly as much as I should, I enjoy every second of it when I do.

2. Sunday is the best breakfast day of the week. Always. Especially since my husband is the one in charge of breakfast making and he goes all out. Pancakes. Toast. Omelets filled with amazing vegetables.

3. Andrew loves Russian food more than I do. Don't get me wrong, I love me my pelemenye, cirrniki, and zapikanka. I do. But that boy will try just about anything my mom puts in front of him. Including cow tongue. No thank you.

4. My battery hangs out less than 20% more often than not. In fact, it dies at least once a day. My family just doesn't understand it.

5. It's impossible to log into social media and not get sucked into the crazy.  It's everywhere, even when you try to avoid it. I have never read as much nonsense as I have during this crazy snow storm of 2014. It's like the cold and snow make people extra crazy. Fact.

6. It's stupid how much I love this scarf. I've only worn it every day for the past month.

7.  The flu is really really bad this year. I don't mean to be Debby downer over here, but it's really terrible how many deaths we have had in the hospital, especially among the young people. If you have any flu symptoms, be sure to get swabbed and treated. It's hitting people with just a general cough and flu symptoms, and then they rapidly decline.

8.  Okay, on a more positive note--- it's been over a year since I had a pickle, and I bought a jar the other day and wanted to eat it all. No, not pregnant.

9.  I am totally not a hair mom. In other words, I only know how to do simple things. Hair up. Hair down. Bow in. Headband. Once in a while I do a side braid and have to show the world my tricks. Except it lasts a total of 0.5 seconds before the toddler twirls and jumps and runs make it all fall out... just about.

10. I've never seen a cart in the parking lot at Trader Joe's. Ever. I think it's the magic spell that they cast over their customers. Everyone is happy, helpful, and put their carts away.

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