Friday, February 21, 2014

A ramble of sorts. It's Friday. What do you expect.

Today is going to be just a jumbled mess of a post, but in order for me to make it somewhat organized, I will just number it. That makes everything better, right?


First, and foremost--most important--- TOMS sale---> ONE DAY LEFT!
Up to 40% off the most popular shoe out there, and they are having a sale on both men, women, AND kids! I'm actually pretty surprised they aren't sold out yet.


My favorite age is three. I know, I know. I just wrote about how age three was hard for me {trust me, it can be}, but overall all the good parts of three trumps any bad. By a million. I am just amazed daily by all the conversations that we have. By the way that their little brain just...thinks and processes everything. She loves to talk too. It's funny, she's always loved to talk, but she really wants to have "in depth" conversations more and more these days.


$938. That was the EBATES check that I received back yesterday in the mail. From shopping online and referring friends>>>>FREE money.  It's simple, you shop online, ebates tracks your order, and then gives you a percentage back. Plus, if you are a first timer---you get a free $10 gift card of your choice! Why am I still talking?


We had our first day outside. Real day, that is. Where we spent longer than 5 minutes in the freezing cold. It was so beautiful, we played, we went on a walk, we played some more, and we just loved the sun. Winter coats were still a pain---but hey, I'll take anything over the freezing temperatures we have had since January 1st. The end is near my friends, the end is near.


Let me share with you a lovely story. Yesterday, I woke up at 4:45 in the morning so that I could get ready to attend two classes at work. The first starting at 0600. I planned this out perfectly the day before where I brought the kids {and myself, of course} to my parent's house, Andrew met us there after work, and we spent the evening there. I went to Starbucks and even ordered a.... VENTI {I only get tall} White Chocolate Mocha and was just in the best of moods. Even though it was only 5:30 in the morning. I show up to work with my friends all there in one spot and I explain to them that I have class in just a little bit. A fellow coworker informs me that there was not in fact a class that early---in which I reply... "Oh yes there is!" I then proceed to log into the computer to find out that he was right, and I was most definitely wrong. Now imagine how I felt.

I had to do a few computer classes and a CPR training, so thankfully I was able to squeeze those two things in place of the "class" I thought I was going to attend. Thank goodness for that.

But next time, I'm going to check my dates a little closer. 2/19 was definitely a Wednesday. And they did in fact have a 0600 class. But 2/20 was a Thursday, and there was no such thing.

It's a good thing I'm a morning person.

Oh. And I got new boots for FREE from Hautelook yesterday.

That totally made up for it.
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  1. But seriously, I must be doing something wrong haha! My one and only ebates check so far was for $11 and that was after (what I felt like was) a lot of shopping. How do you get that much back?? I guess I am just not enough of a shopper.


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