Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Stupid Things I did as a Teenager

1. Loved to tan.  Do people even go to tanning beds anymore? I imagine that in no time that will be a thing of the past {as will smoking, I hope}. I do know a lot of people do spray tan, but I tried that once and was not pleased one bit {insert very orange and streaky}. But aside from tanning beds, I used to lay out in the sun for 8 hours sometimes {taking breaks of course} without sunscreen. Got burnt so bad one summer that my skin literally felt like leather. Literally. Now...I could care less about color.

2. Took my parent's car and drove my friends around. When I was 15. True statement. I took the good old caravan with about 7 of my friends and we drove about 20 minutes out to go "putt-putting." Might I add here that I never did take Driver's Ed either. Ahem.

3. Got on the roof. A lot. My bedroom at my parent's house had a window that went out directly to the roof and I would just randomly go out there to "hang out." Sometimes I would run. Sometimes I would just lay and look at the sky. Sometimes barefoot. Sometimes not. I'm lucky I never fell off.

4. Didn't wear my seat belt for years. Another unfortunate true statement. In fact, it was not until I started dating Andrew when I was 19 that I finally started wearing my seatbelt {he was pretty darn angry with me---for all the years I didn't, even though we didn't know each other}. Here was my reasoning to him---"If God wants me in heaven, then no seatbelt is going to stop that. If it's my time, it's my time." Gosh, to be young again.

5. Drank in a hotel room with strangers. Complete strangers. Okay maybe we knew one person. It was me and my girlfriend. All I know is that we woke up and we were fine, but can you imagine all the things that could have gone wrong? One thing did go wrong---my friend put a brush through her hair the next morning and it was by far one of the most foul smelling smells.

6. Honked and flipped off too many people. You know, these days.... you get killed for that kind of stuff---a lot of crazy people out there. I quickly learned to just let go. Nothing is worth pissing off a nutty person. Even someone who cuts you off or slams on their breaks.

7. Fell in love with every guy I dated. Which was only 3, but seriously. "I'm soooo in love." And "he's the one." And we are going to get marrrried and have beaaaautiful children. Number 4 was the one, and we did get married, and we did have beautiful children. We were 19... so I guess I could say that was the not-so-stupid thing I ever did as a teenager.

Overall, I think I was a pretty darn good teenager. I hung out with a good group of friends, I maintained a job and paid for things like my own braces, and I did really well in school. I may have drove a little too fast, drank a little too much at times, and got a little attitude from time to time. But in the end, I think I turned out okay.

Did you do anything stupid as a teenager? I love a good story.

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  1. Hah! It's amazing all the crazy things we did when we were young. I also used to get on the roof a lot, but I had to climb the tree next to my house to do it.

  2. OMG I love this! I can relate to so many of these! I use to lay out for hours and hours and I would put baby oil mixed with iodine all over my body to achieve the "best" tan, Now I wear SPF 50! Ohh and I also snuck the car out with a friend underage, except I ended up crashing into a tree, yeah, thank the Lord those days are behind me!!

  3. I use to tan all the time and I also took my moms car and drove my friends around, my sister saw me though and told my mom but for some reason I never got in trouble! I did some crazy things back in the day!

  4. Rode in the trunk of the car, that's a scary one I did. Drove in a packed car with about 10 of my closest friends... terrible idea.

  5. I work for the American Cancer Society and sadly, even though more and more research is coming out about just how bad it is (such as tanning is almost as bad as smoking in regards to cancer), the rates of tanning beds are increasing. It's so so sad. I wish the numbers would deline but it's the opposite. I used to be an avid tanner, but ever since I got cancer (not a skin cancer) I quit. It's not worth losing my life to look a little less pastry.


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