Monday, February 17, 2014

10 truths of the week.

1. As a mom, in order to sneak in treats... you have to do so in private. Yesterday, I snuck away from family time to use "the restroom." Only to sneak into the kitchen, make the most amazing of banana splits, and devour it quickly in the other room. Washed the plate off and all evidence is gone. Came back giggling, and Andrew could not figure it out. It's the little things.

2. Valentine's Day= stuff your face day. We had a very lovely Valentine's day which consisted of spending time with the family. We put the kids down early, opened up a bottle {or two} of champagne, and stuffed our faces with delicious desserts and appetizers.

3. It really is true that the best gifts of all are those that don't cost a penny. The ones that cost a penny {or more} are pretty great too, no lie. I have to dote on my husband here for a second and just say that he gave me the greatest gift he could give me, and even one that I have to give back and that is the story behind the very first Valentine's Day that we spent together {8 years ago}. 

4. Art class is more fun with a 3 year old. I signed E up for art class a couple months ago, and our first class was this past Saturday. It was for a 3-5 age group, and seeing as how she is just a few months past 3, I was not sure how she would like it. And although she was probably the youngest one there, she did really great at following the directions.

5. I'm not as flexible as I once was. I tried to do a back bend the other day. I couldn't. It really broke my heart...reminded me that I am in fact getting old, and that I am very much out of shape.

6. I wish I could win a 1,000 gift card. The good news is that you can. Enter here, only a couple weeks left to enter and it's as easy as TWEET-TWEET. Enter here.

7. I could eat 20 clementines a day. We honestly buy 4 bags a week at TJ's and we go through each and every one of them. We have never been disappointed.

8. I sat and ordered more blog books {one more to go to be complete}, and in the processing of deleting old posts. I'm talking all past posts. The more recent ones I will filter through to keep, but my children will be completely gone from this blog and that's the way I want it to be eventually. Of course they will be mentioned from time to time, but I'm going to try to keep a lot more of our lives private in that sense. And of course if something is shared... it will also be then deleted. Internet is great, but has its downfalls as well.

9. Tax season is the best season. I nominate tax season as the 5th season of the year. It really is wonderful to get some money back, and I'm glad that we still do actually.

10. The Olympics have not been as exciting as I anticipated them being. Maybe because I have not had the time to watch as I once had, but I just have not been into them. And can't get into them.

The Bachelor however.... what a train wreck.

Oh and for the 11th truth... because how could I forget.... people who steal your domain SUCK. I don't think that truth is ever going to get old.

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  1. I still can't believe your domain got stolen. So crappy.

  2. So what will the blog be about if your children will no longer feature?

    1. Well, I don't think this blog is about my children, or ever has been? Of course I used to write about them more, but over the past year have slowly tried to do less and less. I will continue to write however about motherhood, marriage, nursing, and just my life in general--of course they will be mentioned here and there. So essentially, keep doing what I've been doing I guess.

  3. #1 is SO true! I have to agree with you on #9 as well!
    I really want to turn my blog into a book. Who do you use?


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