Monday, February 24, 2014

There's nothing worse than.....

1. Getting excited about a recipe, using a lot of ingredients {and money} for the recipe, taking a lot of your time and energy only for it to come out awful. And to think, you even made double the amount for leftovers.

2. To sit on the phone with a company and tell your 20 minute story only for them to turn around and say "Let me transfer you to the right person." Five people later....

3. To show up to a class at work that you signed up for on the wrong day. Or to show up to work on the wrong day period. You, Monday-Friday people, wouldn't have that kind of problem.

4. What's worse.... not showing up to work when you're supposed to. Twice in one month.

5. Labor false alarms. For the third time.

6. To look forward to a show that you had DVR'd earlier that week only to find that your husband's show trumped yours. And so you won't get to see the river of tears from the next Bachelor girl to be sent home.

7.  Reading things that you wrote back in the day, and cringing at the youth behind the words.

8. Opening up your news feed only to find one complaining post to another... and the slew of comments to follow. Whatever happened to Facebook when you used to be able to "draw" pictures of roses on people's walls.... remember.

9. Getting the wrong Starbucks drink and not realizing until you have pulled away from the line that you already waited 20 minutes in. And to think... people actually drink this sort of stuff.

10.  Having an entire day of activities planned for the kiddos, spending 20 minutes getting them ready and bags packed---only to go into the garage to put them in the car and find that it's gone. The husband took the SUV with the car seats.

11. Which reminds me---how awesome is it to get kids ready for a freezing cold weather outside, just so they get to enjoy the snow. Only to come back in 10 minutes later.

12. Realizing that J.Lo has not aged a bit. In fact... she looks even better than she did 10 years ago.

13. Keith Urban's new haircut.

{can you tell I'm watching IDOL while writing this}.

14. Having to wait for the next season of The Voice.

15. Writing a paper for 9 hours for your husband {then boyfriend} only to have it disappear off into thin air. Good thing you were such a great girlfriend and spent another 9 hours the next night re-writing it. And it's a good thing he received a 100%.

16. Going in to get your haircut and hearing the words... "It's my first day." The same could be said about nursing.

17. Spilling a freshly pumped bottle of milk. You never become okay with this catastrophe.

18. Coming home to find your dog had eaten the entire bag of chocolate that was hanging out on the counter. Not only are you out of sweets, but then imagine the "after mess" you have to clean up.

19. When you realize you only have 2 years left in your twenties. 

20. Baby feet that must get bigger {and smellier}. Babies in general growing up too fast.

At the end of the day, I can think a list much longer than this one of worse things in life. Obviously pain, suffering, illness, and death would be at the top and there is absolutely nothing worse than that. And when you look at it that way...

Then I am reminded time and time again how lucky we truly are to wake up every day. Even when life throws us curve balls. Or wrong drink orders. Stinky toes. And even bad haircuts.

There's a brighter side to it all.
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  1. Oh mama, these things make me cringe and giggle at the same time - all of the above have happened to me at least once or twice - and I thought my world was going to end!! Loved this light hearted post on a Monday morning x

    P.S. My latest would be... waking up 26 weeks pregnant and realising your morning sickness is back :(

  2. No, despite pain and suffering and you know all those serious issues...seeing my babies grow up is both the worst and best feelings!!! The joy they fill you with is priceless but mornings like today when both my boys are curled around me, searching out kisses as they battle to wake up and this laughter as we blow raspberries on their bellies... I felt a pain wondering how long before too old to enjoy this!!!

  3. How about accidentally burning your back-up frozen meal on the stove. Yes, the back-up meal to the one that didn't work out. Having to throw it ALL away. Thank goodness for PBJs! But definitely the worst is explaining your situation to customer service, only to be transferred 5 times, explaining your situation 5 times, then being transferred BACK to the original person again. sheesh!

  4. I'm a long time reader and first time commenter. This might be my favorite post of all time. It's simple but I can relate to it 100%. You made me laugh that I spit my coffee out and made me tear up as well. Thanks for starting my Monday off with a smile.

  5. Loved it! I laughed so hard at some of these!!

  6. Getting excited about a recipe, using a lot of ingredients {and money} for the recipe, taking a lot of your time and energy only for it to come out awful. And to think, you even made double the amount for leftovers.

    YUP. Did this once! I have an emeals account and I was really excited to make the nacho burgers. I didn't read the recipe, but I hyped it up anyways. Didn't realize that it didn't have beef in it, like I thought it would, but instead called for black beans as the main ingredient. I doubled the recipe anyways...hoping it would be good... and was such a mess and not as great as we thought. :( FAIL. And....I'm sure you can imagine how we spent our evening after eating 16 oz of beans.... DOUBLE FAIL. Lesson learned-- read the recipe before just printing the ingredients list......


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