Monday, February 3, 2014

Be prepared. A mom's dream comes true when she figures out how to clean a bathroom in 5 minutes or less.

They tell you a lot of things when you are pregnant.
Be prepared to fall in love over and over again.
Be prepared for little to no sleep.
Be prepared to be awed by every little thing this human being does. 
Be prepared for messes that you never experienced before.
Be prepared to experience pure joy, happiness, and excitement each and every day. 
Be prepared to not shower, brush your teeth, or put on appropriate matching clothing until way past noon.
Just, be prepared because it is unlike anything you have ever experienced or done in your life.
And although not everything holds true for everyone out there, the one thing that is ultimately fact across the board is that motherhood is in fact unlike anything out there. And there is truly nothing to fully prepare you for all that it entails.

The thing that amazes me the most is how prior to children, or any life experience that we find challenging, we always say things like "Wow, I don't know how she does it!" Or, "There's no way I could do it." We see these challenges that others go through and cannot possibly imagine where they find the time or better yet energy to not only take care of the children but always make time for the other things that require our attention.

Like? Cleaning.
Left: Post bath craziness Right: 5 minutes later

Read the rest including my quick routine here.


  1. I will definitely be checking out your routine! If you ever feel ambitious and want to post one about five minutes to clean the living room I would be very excited ;D

  2. I like how you seperated the review. Smart!

  3. It's amazing how things can go so quickly from clean to "destroyed"! I will be anxiously waiting on your kitchen routine!

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