Friday, November 29, 2013

20 Days of Christmas Crafts with Kids

This year, I decided that for the 20 days leading up to Christmas we would do something really fun every day. I love the holiday season and I love that it brings families together. I think that by doing stuff for our kids and more importantly with our kids, it allows us the opportunity to interact more, to talk about what this holiday truly means, and to appreciate the time that we have together.

For all these crafts that I have gathered below all you will need is hopefully stuff you already have at home. Some things you may need to pick up, but a quick trip to hobby lobby {or even Wal-mart} will have all of the goods.

I printed the details below and used it as my guide. I also have a picture of each craft that the "Elf" will deliver for us to do every day and he will have a bucket that he will have with all the supplies that she will need for the day!

Construction paper {colorful- normal colors, green, blue, brown, black, etc}
Hot glue gun
Empty toilet paper rolls
Black and Red Permanent Marker
Cotton Balls
Eyeballs {or draw on eyeballs}
Paper Plate
Popsicle Sticks
Felt balls

Day Five: Salt Dough Ornament

Day Six: Christmas Tree with Feet {put multiple on paper with multiple children}
All you need: Construction paper, paint, and some cute feet.

Day Seven: Snowman using toilet paper rolls
All you need: Toilet paper rolls, construction paper, permanent marker, glue, scissors 

Day Eight: Ornament Reindeer
All you need: Ornament, paint, and a black and red permanent marker

Day Nine: Santa 

All you need: Cottonballs, Red construction paper, eyeballs {or draw on}, paper plate, glue, scissors

Day Ten: Stick Christmas Tree

All you need: Popsicle sticks, scissors, and decorations {you can use buttons or construction paper to cut out decorations}.

Day Eleven: Button Snowflake

All you need: popsicle sticks, buttons, ribbon, superglue

Day Twelve: Acorn Trees
All you need: Acorns, round felt balls, superglue

Day Thirteen: Reindeer Cookies

All you need: Sugar cookie {either make homemade or store bought mix}, M&Ms, pretzels

Day Fourteen: Handprint Reindeer Hat
All you need: Brown Construction paper, Eyes {or cut out your own eyes out of construction paper}, scissors, and glue

Day Fifteen: Coloring Page
Day Sixteen: Button Candy Canes
All you need: Red construction paper, buttons, and a ribbon to hold.

Day Seventeen: Picture of themselves as a Reindeer

Day Eighteen: Snowman Ornament
All you need: Ornaments, white paint, and permanent marker {black and orange}

DAY Nineteen: Reindeer Pancakes

Day Twenty: Coloring Page
source to print: 
Day Twenty-One: Color/Decorate a picture frame

All you need: A picture from {dollar store}, paint, and anything else the kids want to put on the picture frame, and of course a picture of the family

Day Twenty-Two: Paper Plate Wreath

All you need: Paper plate, glue, and stuff to decorate the wreath, ribbon.

Day Twenty-Three: Snowman & Reindeer 
All you need: Red construction paper, white paint, brown paint, black permanent marker.

Day Twenty-Four: Christmas Cookies + Milk for Santa & His Reindeer


  1. Cute ideas!! I love the "Mistletoes" idea too, kind of like your day 6. I'm looking forward to doing cute crafts like these when I have kids someday :)

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  3. Cute ideas!! I love the "Mistletoes" idea too, kind of like your day 6. I'm looking forward to doing cute crafts like these when I have kids someday :)

  4. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. My kids made the handprint snowman ornaments last year! I'm making one for the baby this year! Great ideas!


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