Wednesday, November 27, 2013

25 days of Advent and 25 days of Paper Chain Countdown.

So this year, now that E is 3, I wanted to incorporate a lot of fun new things for her to do, especially with the advent calendar. More importantly, I wanted to be sure that she knew the story behind Christmas and that she did not think it was all about Santa and getting gifts. The real reason why we celebrate Christmas. We are doing a lot of fun things every day leading up to Christmas and I thought that I would share them here:

We are doing 20 days of crafts, and I will be sharing those ideas with you on Friday, however, we also wanted to put little things in our advent sacks for us to do everyday. Little things. We will be putting little cards in there, and then reading them off to the kids. Sometimes they just involve a treat, sometimes another little craft, and sometimes just hugs and kisses.

We also made a scripture chain that we will be ripping off every day in December up to Christmas and reading about the days leading up to Jesus' birth. I found the details for each day here to print.
1. Parade downtown
2. Get a chocolate
3. Watch Polar Express-The movie
4. Write a letter to Santa
5. Get a quarter
6. Get new PJ's
7. Scavenger Hunt {find a snowman, find an elf, find santa, etc}
8. Get a treat
9. Get a quarter
10. Donate Gifts to the Firehouse
11. Paint a picture for Santa
12. Get 12 hugs and kisses
13. Have popcorn & Pick a Christmas Movie to Watch
14. Children's Museum with Mama & Papa & Brother
15. Get a treat
16. Get a dollar
17. Make a gingerbread house
18. Build A snowman {remember where this one is, and swap it for when it snows}
19. Christmas at the Zoo
20. Help Mommy wrap presents
21. Pick a movie to watch with papa
22. Make snowflakes for the grandparents
23.Pick a treat
24. Santa is coming! Read the night before Christmas and make cookies for Santa and his reindeer.


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