Friday, April 5, 2013

I don't, but I do.

Photography c/o The Siners 

I don't have a large home.
I don't have a closet full of expensive in style clothes.
I don't wear pencil skirts to a glamorous job.
I don't know celebrities and attend the greatest of parties.

I don't.

But I do.

I do have a home. I have a home. Let that sink in for a minute. I have a place that we call our own. That our children will remember growing up in. The place where memories are made. A home that provides shelter, safety, and warmth.

I do have clothes on my back. I am still able to treat myself from time to time to something new. On sale? Yes. But new. And it may not be designer, and it may not be what Rachel Zoe would wear, but it's nice to be able to do this from time to time. Something for me.

I do have a job that helps put food on the table, pay off my student loans that helped me get a college education. One that is far from glamorous. A job that requires me to get my hands dirty. Or in my case, my gloves. A job where I have seen miracles, the impossible, come true.

I do know amazing people. I am surround by celebrities. Right here, right now, in my daily life. My husband and my children... I'm their biggest fan. My parents. My in-laws. People that have helped us more than words could ever describe. People that give us and our children more love than we could ever give back. They are celebrities in my eyes. I'm surrounded by them every day.

And my parties? Well my kind of party consists of pandora, my children and my husband, and a great breakdown dance session in the living room at 8pm on a Friday night. Glamorous? Maybe not to the outside person looking in. My kind of "party"? Absolutely.

So, just when I think I want it all... I turn around and realize.... You do have it all.

And, that, well that makes me the richest girl in the world.


  1. What an adorable post! We are all rich in our ways :)

  2. Awesome post! We have so many blessings to be thankful for!!! :)

  3. So very true! I think we both work in the same industry and if so, you are a life saver every day.

  4. Sweet! I always wish that I had become a nurse. It's a hard job but rewarding, flexible and great pay. I love your positive spin on life!😃

  5. Amen and insert waterworks!

    Girl I have been struggling with wanting my health so badly as of late and then I think I am so blessed in so many ways and I am getting better and I am able to 8:00 dance party to half a Little Mermaid song on the Wii before I fall but still am able to do it way better than four years ago when I couldn't even pull up by myself. I do have a home a roof over our heads the hubs my Kelcee and our fam is my celebrities and I too am rich in that aspect and I wouldn't have it any other way, of course I want my health but I know God's all over that one! Girl I love the photographs of you and Graham melt my heart, give me baby fever, boo it's not in our cards, but adoption is once we get in remission! love you Sums

  6. This is such an amazing post and I love the photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. For some reason this really struck a cord with me. I really need to realize those things that you posted about.. This post is amazing. Thank you for sharing this!


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