Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Remarks to the One That Knows Me So Well

In continuation of the last two posts.. here is the final chapter to this novel that I have been carrying around on the blog. Of course, I couldn't leave off without making my own comments {as many of you did on yours as well} and explanations. Pink {or red, however your eyes see it} is my husband, and black is clearly me. And.... you probably could have figured that on out on your own.

1.) Becky loves to sing in the car. But when she tries to hit the high notes, I have to ask her to stop. Her singing is horrendous and harmful to the health of our children. Yes, I do. I love to sing period. But what I love even more is to annoy Andrew with my singing. He gets so mad when I sing obnoxious, and so the more mad he gets, the more obnoxious I get. Especially if it is a song that he likes. Especially.

2.) You probably can't tell from the gourmet meals that she creates today, but Becky's cooking was once on par with her singing. Things have obviously changed. Believe it or not, Andrew used to not let me step foot in the kitchen. The only thing I used to know how to make was spaghetti. In other words, throw pasta in hot water and heat up pasta sauce. Yes, he is right.That is about as gourmet as it used to be around here. Prior to children.

3.) Before there was Bud Light Lime, there were cheap bottles of flavored vodka. Now. Please make note here. I have never actually liked vodka. Instead, it was the drink of choice in college due to its predictable results.... 

4.) Becky once vomited in the back of a taxi cab in college. I started talking really loud to the cabbie thinking that would mask the smell. He also made the cab driver stop at the wrong apartment building... in which I loudly said "Wait this isn't..." Andrew cut me off and made me run out of there after throwing the driver a 2o dollar bill. 

5.) On nights she works, she lays out pj's and clothes for in the morning for the kids. Makes my life much easier. Thank you babe. And the snuza, the halo sack, socks, underwear, blanket, washcloths. Oh and lunch for the husband. Only because I am so grateful and know how hard it is to do night time routine while I am gone. That, and, he's pretty darn cute. Freebie points for being cute.

6.) She unknowingly yells in her sleep if you try and wake her. It's best just to leave her be. It's frightening. Every time. I've heard it wasn't pretty. Frightening sounds pretty accurate. Just about everyone in my family can attest to this. Curse words and all. Sometimes? Even flinging of the arms. What? A mama likes her sleep {when she can get it}, so disruptions? No no.

7.) She's never been hungover. I'm hungover the entire day. N-E-V-E-R. Please, don't assume this means I never "partied hard enough." Because, I assure you, I had mastered that. But me? I wake up the morning after a "hard night" and I'm on a mission to clean clean clean, organize, project, and so forth. They are some of my most productive days. Unfortunately... it has been a... hot minute. Oh and Andrew? The complete opposite {as he stated}. He is ON THE COUCH ALL DAY type of guy. And I mean, allll day... with the moaning and groaning and all. And the.. "baaaabe.... can you get me a 10 piece nugget from McDonalds." Gross. But I do.

8.) When setting the table for dinner, 9 times out of 10, she will give everyone utensils but me. I don't know what it isI laugh. A daily argument between Andrew and myself. "Becky.... common... again?" I don't know what it is either.

9} She once went to a pet store to buy Carson a companion. I talked her out of the dog and she bought a 52 in tv instead. Makes senseSophomore year of college. And yes, the pet store and best buy were next door to one another. It was an even trade.

10} She loves any excuse to get a McDonald's double cheeseburger. Not true. Only when pregnant, guys.

11) Becky has over 4,000 pictures on her cell phone, all of the kids. She's had that phone for about a year. That's about 11 pictures a day. Not bad. Yes, and you know what... I'm tired of my phone alerting me that "you are out of storage" and not allowing me to take anymore pictures. This means I have to sit and delete old ones. I just need to actually sit down and download them to the computer.... will do that after I finish this post.

12) I love sports. When we first started dating, Becky said she was a huge sports fan too. She lied. But she does tolerate my fantasy football habitHey. Whatever it takes to get a guy, right.......

13) Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream are her favorite chips. I've seen her eat an entire bag in one sitting on more than one occasion. Who is to blame me? Have you tasted the magic in them? Exactly.

14) Her favorite evening attire consists of a pair of my gym shorts an XL t-shirt. It's very sexy. He failed to mention my 2nd favorite attire at bedtime..... the birthday suit. *sorry neighbors... I need to cover up my windows more.

15} This probably isn't a random or unknown fact but Becky loves her children more than anything in the world. She sacrifices sleep and her body so that she can keep working full time and keep the kids out of daycare. She wants nothing more than to be with them all day everyday, and she is. The kiddos and I are extremely lucky to have someone that is so hardworking and loving. We could never repay her for what she has done and what she continues to do. We love you babe. I love this man.

Cheers to this link-up and giving me 2 extra things to talk about...
Not that I need ideas for me to talk...Since I do that quite often.

And cheers to my husband who willingly blogged. I'm sure he will be back again for more.


  1. My Remarks to the One That Knows Me So Well, You are so clever, do you want to buy clothing?

  2. AHHH I LOVE this! I think I'm going to try and get my signifigant other to do this LOL!! New follower! Would love for you to check out my blog too!


  3. #11: YES! I have over 1,000 pictures on my phone and get so upset when I have to delete old pictures because of "full storage" ughhhh I really need to get around to putting them on my computer!

    #13: I have eaten a bag of those in one sitting on many occasion! Best chips EVER!

    And if you didn't talk so much, then we wouldn't all be here right? We ALL talk too much haha!!


  4. I never get hangovers either and my husband is the same way...sick as a dog! I would think it's a man/woman thing but most of my girlfriends got terrible hangovers.

  5. Great idea- commenting back to what he wrote about you! Maybe I'll be able to do this too soon enough....I'm still waiting on mine to send me his "assignment"! lol

  6. I had my sister do mine!

    Thanks for the idea.



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