Sunday, April 7, 2013

This & That

Regretted Buying This:

Well, a couple weeks ago I purchased this. From China. Ahem. And well, lets just say... those Chinese people have a skewed idea of "size." Because apparantley a size 0, XS is more like an XL in China sizes. I am serious. I put on that swimsuit and 1} My ta-tas were falling out and 2} My behind "line" was showing... if you catch my drift.

Happy With Buying That:

Target was having a huge clearance sale on winter stuff {even though it still feels like winter} and I snatched up some hats and gloves for the babies. We are talking 75% off type of sale. Hello, Christmas shopping.

Instagrammed This:

Read That:

A love story that has me hanging and wanting more....

And a blogger opening up her heart about her "love story." Honesty is always the best kind of read in blog world.

Yes, the theme was love today.

Wrote This:

How I did not pay "the bill" and backed out... What bill? You will have to just wait to find out. Lets just say this post is full of emotion. Lots of it. And? It isn't scheduled for a while... yikes.


  1. I ordered both my wedding dress and my reception dress from China and decided to do "custom" ordering, where you send your measurements and they hand make it. I am so glad I did that because they fit like a glove - do they have that option instead of sizing? Maybe that would work?

  2. Thank you so much for including the story of my family in your post :) I'm happy that you appreciate my honesty and I feel so blessed at all the love & support I've received from that post! Thank you!


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