Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I learned about My Husband

There isn't much that I don't know about my husband. In fact, like the post that he wrote for me yesterday, "about me," I could easily write one similar to that about him. Plenty of things that people may not know about him.

But, what I didn't know is just how witty he could be when he wrote. Don't get me wrong, I get his wit on a daily basis at home. For the past 7+ years. Often times though, I have to tell him how not funny he is. Although he has plenty of cheerleaders to tell him otherwise {Hi MIL & SIL!}. Of course it is all in good fun, and I try my hardest not to crack a laugh when he really tries to get one out of me. Sometimes, I just can't help it.

So when I asked him to write this "about me" for my blog, I truly thought that he was going to just spew out random facts like: her favorite color is blue, she's short, and I love her teeth.

No, but really.

The last thing I expected was to literally L-O-L when I opened up my computer screen to see what he had written. And I'm talking belly-laugh-hard cracking up. On multiple occasions. It may have not even been very funny to the outsider, but because these were so dead on and something I, myself, would have never thought to write about, it just put the biggest smile on my face.

A few things to mention about this "husband assignment."

I know, I know, people are thinking... how is there an entire post devoted to this. Believe me, I feel your pain, but since I like to write down as many things as possible, this, in my opinion, was definitely noteworthy.

So. Things I didn't want to forget to mention.

1. There is a reason why I sent my husband an email 2 weeks before the scheduled link-up. For one, I knew he would wait until the last minute. As he did. Multiple times I would bring up to him... "have you worked on your assignment?" In which his response would be... "Um... yes... working on it." In other words, he hadn't even thought about it. And two, my husband needs plenty of warning ahead of things because he needs to mentally prepare himself. Point made with the wit. His first blog appearance, it must have been very important to him.

2. When I said please write 10-20 things "about me"... I should have said 15-20. Because to my husband? When he sees a "range"... then his eyes only see the first number. So when he first sent me 10... I said to him, "but honey, I thought you were going to write more." Of course, he gave me the side eye and proceeded to point out in the email... "but you said 10-20." Why, yes, point made, I did. But he was on a role with this "wit" and left me wanting more. And more, he gave.

3. I received the "assignment" the day before the link-up. On Monday. In fact, I had only received the first 8. The last 7? At 10:30 at night. I was half-asleep when my alarm went off. I spent about 30 minutes then rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out how to log him out of his email and log myself in. In between dosing in and out of sleep. Finally, I figured it out... and somehow only pasted numbers 8-15. Patted myself on the back and headed upstairs where Andrew was fast asleep. Punched him in the shoulder, woke him up, and said.. "Don't ever be this late again...... and thank you." He laughed.

4. Lastly, my remarks on his "about me." Well. I was going to include those in this post, but seeing as how I don't know when to stop talking... then it will just have to wait for tomorrow.

That, and, hey, free post for me! ... fluff as some may call it.


  1. have to love them! Their minds work in such a TOTALLY different astounds me sometimes (no, wait - all of the time!).

  2. This is awesome. I laughed and maybe even teared up a little.

  3. "because when my husband sees a "range," he only sees the first number"

    AHAHAHAHAHA I am dying laughing because that is SO MY HUSBAND!!! Seriously, we may have married brothers. However mine is the much much older brother. Seriously can't wait to do this.

  4. So funny! I love the range analogy too. Men have a completely different concept on time and meeting deadlines.

  5. Your husband and mine must have been chatting with each other! Totally agee on the whole range thing AND the reminders. My hubs returned the HW less than 24 hours before I posted my Link Up! :) Youa are not alone!


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