Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to come up with blog post ideas

Think of stories from your past

Think about those memories that have stuck with you. During childhood. The high school years. The college experience. Adulthood. Even though it may seem simple and mundane at first thought, think of the reason that those memories have stuck with you. And even if they are truly boring at the time? Ask yourself two questions. One, is it something that you feel like others could relate and perhaps you may impact someone else by sharing? And two, is it something that you would want to remember down the road? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, then write.
Those conversations in the shower? Write them down.

I'm telling you what. I wish my cell phone was waterproof, because the conversations that I have in the shower are just out of this world. And no, I don't talk to myself. But my brain is always thinking. Just about he day. Or a moment. Or a thought running through my head. Sometimes, I am able to get out of the shower and run to the computer just to write that one sentence for me to remember later. But most of the time? I get too distracted with the babies, that I just forget about it until a later time. Sometimes, it never makes it pen to paper.

But, regardless, those shower, and might I add car as well, thoughts are always the most stimulating of all.

The things you can't stop thinking about and replaying in your head

Write them down. If you can't stop typing as soon as you start? Then don't stop. The blog posts I love the most {and that make it on the blog} are those that I just keep going and going and going. The ones that make me stop and think? The ones that I have to come back to on a later date because I just can't find the words? Those most of the time don't even get published. My thought on this is that if it's something that you are passionate about? It will then come naturally. So share.

Look at what is going on in the world

I'm not exactly telling you to discuss politics. Although, you are welcome to do so. However, things that are going on around us, in the media, or to those that we are close to, will often times provoke an idea or two. Even it is a topic that is discussed by multiple people, just remember, you are your own voice with your own thoughts and viewpoints. It's okay to have differing ones as well. It's okay to agree with the rest of the world. Regardless your take, if it's something that you feel passionate about, don't be afraid to write it.

Have you asked a question? Most likely you aren't the only one

Some of the best blog posts, start out with me asking a question. What are the best baby items out there? What are 5 tips to surviving motherhood? What have I learned from being married? Who has impacted my life the most? What are some of my most regrettable moments? How can I be a better mom? Is there such a thing as a perfect mom? The list is endless. When you begin to ask yourself those questions, you start to think about things. As you think about things, ideas come to mind. Before you know it, you have a complete blog post just from one question alone.

Do an "Ask me anything" post.

Which brings me to the last topic of discussion. A "ask me anything post." I have gotten the best blog topics from questions that have been asked of me from the readers. In fact, many blog posts later. A lot of the questions made me think..."Why did I never think of this?" Or "What a great idea!"

In fact, I am still working on answering my last Q&A post.

There's a post I could go work on right now. That and the other 165 drafts I have sitting around.

Write what comes easy to you

If it's design. If it's food. If it's about things from the heart, or what your kids are doing. Just write. If I struggle with a post, then I most likely won't get back to it. When it comes naturally, flows, and something I can type up in about 5-10 minutes? Then I find it worth while to share.

It's our thoughts after all.... write them down.


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I sometimes struggle with what to write about and this helped a lot! I pinned it.
    Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl

  2. Great post, I often come up with posts as I'm trying to sleep...I've got a page full that need to be done when I've got the time. I don't blog all that often, just when something inspired me too x

  3. I often come up with ideas as I'm falling asleep. I type them out in my phone notes & save them for later! These are some great ideas, as I'm trying to get back to blogging more regularly :)

  4. My best ideas definitely come from being in the shower and driving to and from work -- too bad I don't have 4 hands to be able to drive, and write down all of my ideas!

  5. Thanks for the pointers....I hate blogging 'ruts.' Great ideas come at te oddest times!

  6. Thanks for such great pointers! I can't agree with you more in saying that when something comes totally natural to you, you just really feel it coming from your heart. Seems like your fingers just keep going, typing out the free flow of words until you have an entire story! Have a great day!!


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