Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day in the Life

One of the questions that was asked in my "Ask Me Anything" Post was a typical work night/day for me. I figured that I would not be able to answer this one with any other questions as this would require me to break down my whole day. And that, well that, takes some time.

Buckle up.

I will lay out for you all my typical day if I work that night and into the next day. Just so you can get a feel of how we {husband and I} transition and make this whole crazy schedule of ours work.

I work 3 nights a week. Each week is different so I typically work 1 night, off two, and then work two. So for instance, I may schedule myself Sunday night, off Monday and Tuesday, then work Wednesday Thursday. We are also required to work every third weeked. So then I would schedule myself something like Monday, off through the week, then Friday, Saturday.

Okay, so. Lets break it down by hour.

Let us say that it is Tuesday and I work that night but did not work the night before.

0630: Usually is wakeup time. This is the same time that husband happens to get up, and by now Elliana is begging to go downstairs. I know, I know, gruesome. Little guy will either wake up with us, or, like most days, he likes to sleep in until about 0830-9. This gives me time to head downstairs with Elliana and give her some of my attention, as she is usually pretty grouchy when she wakes up anyways.

0630-0830: I get Elliana dressed, teeth brushed, face washed. Make her bed. Throw in a load {or two} of laundry. Finish some of the dishes. Hear the little man waking up, grab him, wash his face, change his diaper, get him dressed. Feed him.

0830-9: Almost always I am able to get into the shower by this time. Elliana is up on the bed with Graham either coloring or working on her little learning apps. I have the door open and enjoy my HOTT shower.

0900-10: We go to toddler time on Tuesdays {sometimes Mondays}, and Fridays. If that is the case, then I am getting our bags ready, Graham into the carseat, and Elliana's shoes and such on so we can get in the car and head out. We like to get to the library a little earlier than when our activities start so that we can return our books and walk around to get new ones. If it isn't one of those days, then we try to do a craft and read our library books during the morning.

10-11: Toddler time at the library or this is our "School" session at home where we work on flashcards and just general learning as we play.

11-12: Early lunch. Graham eats as well. We used to eat lunch late, but with Elliana getting up so much earlier than usual, by now she is pretty hungry. Graham is usually playing on the playmat, so I use this time to prepare something real quick for the two of us. Eventually that will be the three of us, as little man will be eating before you know it!

12-1:30: Some time during this time we are usually picking up the playroom, reading a couple of books, and taking a "group" nap. I time this out so that Graham is awake most of the morning, and then E is worn out, and so EVERYONE is tired enough to go to bed. Now, if this is the first night that I work, I try to nap, however, in some circumstances, I may not. If it is a two night in a row deal, then I 100% of the time nap. If I am just doing one night shift, then it just depends.

2:30-3: Wake up time. Feed the little man. Snack for E {and mama}. Head outside to play for an hour or so. Ride bikes. Go on walks. Play in the "garden." G is just hanging out in the carrier, and by the end of our playtime passes out.

4-5: Get dinner prep started, put makeup and my work clothes on. Get my bags ready. Get the kids clothes, pajamas, socks, snuza, halo sack and diapers {for G} and wash clothes ready and layed out on Elliana's dresser.

5-6:30: Finish dinner, set the table, pack Andrew's lunch and snacks. Kiss the husband. Hurry up and eat {sometimes have to pack it to eat at work}, give my rounds of hugs and kisses to all, and walk out the door by 6:25.

7pm-7:30am: Work. Adult interaction. Work. Adult interaction.

8am: Husband and I meet at one of our designated locations. Kiss. I go in the back of the car and kiss the sleeping baby and cheesin' toddler. We swap cars and the kids and I head home.

And then our schedule is on repeat.

On nights that I am off, I am in bed usually by 930-10... OUT. Catching up lets say.

Weekends we use to do our "deep cleaning"... although, I have to be honest here and say that we do not "deep clean" enough. You know, scrubbing the toilets, baths, windows, outside stuff. I try to get all the clothes put away that we had washed. Saturdays consist of dance class for Elliana.

Blogging? I squeeze in during the week when the kids are napping and I don't work. Also on the nights that I do not work, I devote about an hour to blogging or getting stuff done. I make my "To-do" lists throughtout the week so that these designated blogging times go smoothly and time is not wasted. Weekends are pretty busy, but sometimes on the weekend nights I am able to squeeze in a post or two. I also use the weekends to upload and edit pictures and get some stuff done with that. Sponsor shout outs and company promotions are usually done in a 5 minute period in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Not every day is obviously the same. As the weather warms up, I plan on starting our morning stroller walks back up again. Elliana is doing more and more now, so we are getting her involved in more activites. And life... life just gets busy.

I imagine once Graham gets older... it will only get busier.

That, and, a baby #3.

Don't get any ideas.


  1. I am exhausted just reading your day! I seriously don't know how you do it! #supermom

  2. seriously need more sleep! Wow!

  3. I agree with the top comment and you are a supermom x

  4. You are Super Mom!!! I am impressed, I need my sleep so my little one goes to daycare the 1 morning/week I have to work an overnight.

  5. I don't know what it is but I love reading about other moms days and general schedules!! Thanks for sharing a day in your life!!

  6. Love reading about your day, you definitely have it figured out. super mommy!!!!!

  7. Holy do you do it all? I am super impressed!!

  8. You rock, Mama!
    Oh, it definitely gets busier with each child you have! Plus, as your kids get older, then you have to juggle school and activities. Being a mom is a more than full-time job!

  9. Wow.. how do you not sleep after working all night? I would be a zombie.


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