Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I've mentioned on how I have really been slacking in the "picture taking" department. No apologies in this, nor am I dwelling on it at all. However, because I want to make sure that I am still capturing my children growing up and our every day lives, I have made a little "pact" with myself to take the big girl camera out 10 minutes every weekend and just capture the now. Doesn't necessarily have to be 10 minutes straight, but 2 minutes here, 1 minute there, 5 minutes there, and so forth. By doing so, I will hold myself accountable.

Will they most likely be in the same place every weekend? Us lounging in the living room, just hanging out. Probably. But sometimes I will try and take it out with us on our adventures.

So every Wednesday, I'll share our 10 minute capture and anything that I want to share about those captures.

This week:

* The first two pictures crack me up. Ellian is saying to G: "Let me have your face little man. Come here, let me grab your face"

*Elliana is loving the "Where's Waldo" book. We have a couple more in the attic that we are going to dig out and I actually just purchased some other books with the same concept. She thinks it is so funny.

*E loves to feed G snacks. His snacks. Actually, she loves to take the puffs out as an excuse to eat them herself. She gets about 10 to his 1. Ahem.

*G loves cars. We have never pushed any "boys" toys on him, however, he chooses to play with anything that has wheels. The toy in the pictures is one that his grandma bought him, and his new thing is flipping the cars over and playing with the tires. All I want to say about that is... where did my newborn go?

We had a great weekend with friends. A day at the zoo, park trip, lots of time outside, gymnastics class, ice cream run, and more. We have another relaxing weekend coming up with hopefully our in-laws coming into town. I'm ready to just do nothing.

I'm even more ready for FALL.


  1. I really love this idea and I'm certain that your beautiful babes will appreciate these photos documenting their lives so much when they grow up. I would have LOVED for my mom to have done this! Stunning pics xx

  2. It's crazy how big the little one is getting. It seems like just yesterday I was watching your baby bump photos. Such a cute family!!

  3. such a great idea! i really wish I used my big girl camera more often, but the iphone is just so convenient. Maybe you could make this a link up so the rest of us can be held accountable too! ;)
    the sweet life of a southern wife

    1. great idea! I have to first make sure that I can keep up with it myself... haha :)

  4. ^^^^^ I agree what an awesome link up this would be! I find myself thinking the same thing about pictures and needing to keep up! Good work :)

  5. Love your pictures! Beautiful children! :)


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