Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sometimes I do Fashion

We all know that I'm not some kind of fashion-guru over here. In fact, I'm usually pretty terrible about throwing pieces of my closet together. I struggle with what goes with what best, always critique myself as to how I look in certain things, and often times do a change {or 20} prior to walking out the door.

The one thing that seems to never fail me is a good, I mean great, fitting maxi. Not to mention, one that has vibrance and fun design. One that doesn't make me have to think. Think about what I need to throw with it. Think about whether the fit will be right. Or think about how I plan on eating a large cheeseburger in half an hour and I may just be bulging out of my jeans. Oh wait, no jeans, instead a loose maxi equates to one happy mama.

This dress above from Avery Lane Boutique does all that for me, plus more. I am not a big chevron fan, however this dress was just too stunning not to try. And to my surprise? I loved it even more in person than I did online. The material is soft yet sophisticated. It's a dress I can dress up or down. Flattering. And definitely fun and young. Two things that, despite being a mom, I still am.

I asked Casey to briefly describe her and her business:

Started as a dream to be able to stay home with my kids and still contribute to the family income, Avery Lane is named after my only daughter, Avery, and an extension of my family, the Lane's.  
As the oldest of 4 girls, clothing, shoes, and accessories were always being traded, fought over and dreamed about in our house. Now that we are grown, little has changed. We still "steal" clothes and accessories from one another's closets, still have "dress up" parties when we're together and still love a good shopping trip.
I hope you find great prices, amazing customer service and of course, all things fashionable.
Casey did not mention this, but she is a SAHM to four kiddos. One recently born around the same time as Graham. Not only that, but she home schools!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Casey for a while now, following along her pregnancy journey, and share common motherhood stories together. I am so excited to support this new adventure that she is on and hope that you will join me in doing so!

As a little incentive {because who doesn't like free stuff}, Casey has been kind enough to offer one of you readers a $50 store credit! Easy entry, just like her facebook page to enter! Want more entries? Like and tweet!

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  1. Love this dress! I agree, maxis are the easiest thing to dress yourself in and very comfy which is most important for mommas!

  2. So cute! I love maxi dresses...they're so comfy and can be casual or dressy!!!

  3. Love the dress, looks gorgeous on you!

  4. I have that dress! Wore it for the first time last weekend and LOVED it! :)

  5. I love this dress. My favorite part is that you can wear a standard bra with it. That is a must for me when choosing shirts & dresses.


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