Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Vacation Details.

I started writing this post a couple days into vacation... after many distractions {so is life}, I finally finished it a couple weeks after. Regardless, I remember it like it were just yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The kids are napping and I thought I would take this opportunity to write down my thoughts. About this vacation thus far... a couple of days in. Actually, I probably should have started typing as soon as their heads hit the pillows, however, it took me 45 minutes to start.

First check my email. Delete 95% of them, respond to the other 5%. Then check my money making sites {ha}... I obsess over whether I get a new referral or store credit to somewhere. Then I had to run into the kitchen to sneak in some food. And by some, I mean too much. What is it anyway---about vacation that makes you want to pig out. The fact that it's a week away from life {not really}. The beach and all the energy you use? Or, how about just motherhood in general. It's like you sneak away to eat and then you just can't stop. And by you, I mean me.

So yeah, I pigged out. Salami. Fistful of Trader Joe's crispy oatmeal cookies {please buy if you have a TJ next to you}. One bite of ice cream. Just one. And a bite of a brat that we had made last night. Again, just one. I know when everyone comes home from the beach they'll all want to know who ate it. Unfortunately, for me, all fingers will be pointing my direction.

Any ways, then I proceeded to send Andrew a picture of a surprise E left us in the bathroom. Because you know.. that's what we like to do. "OMG your daughter poops out adult size turds."

Alas, we are parents. But some things just never change....

I snuck back into the kids' room and plopped back on the bed, which is where I am now. Trying to figure out what I want to say about our first day and a half here.

Well, lets start off by saying that our first day {yesterday} was full of rain. So much rain, that in our 15+ years of vacationing on the beach, we have never encountered this much and at this intense level. And what do normal human beings do when their is an outpour of rain drenching everything around them? They leave the beach. Right? Except, we did not. Us and maybe 40 other crazy individuals that just did not care. For them though, they embraced it completely. It was kind of... in a way.. thrilling. Hey, it's a first for us all. And we made sure to make the best of it. Sitting under tents. Shivering. Towels around our shoulders. Throwing snacks back and forth at each other. The best part about it all? We were all together.

The next two days were better. Much better. Only one additional rain incident, lots of sun, lots of shade time {for me and the kiddos}, boogie boarding for the husband {and sister, bf, and even my parents}, sand castle making, swimming in the ocean with E, and just plain enjoying ourselves.

E. Ocean. Lets talk about that. She loved it. Instantly, from day one. If I have readers out there who have been reading since at least last year, then you may remember me saying that E hated the ocean. The beach in general. She liked looking at it. But she wanted nothing to do with it. Actually, she did not want her feet to have anything to do with it. It took 5 days for her to step onto the sand.

But not this year. She went in. And in. Time and time again. She always wants to be in the water. And her favorite part? Getting knocked down by the waves. She thought it was hilarious. I thought it would bother her eyes and mouth from the taste. I was wrong.

One of my favorite parts of vacation is that we had a routine set in place. We got up at the same time everyday. Got ready at the same time. Drove our cars out to park {with all our things}. Then my mom, sister, I, and the kids all pulled that loaded wagon to find the perfect spot to camp out on. We set everything up so that by the time the boys got up and rode their bikes to the beach, everything would be ready. The coolers were full of nice cold refreshments, and our bags had enough snacks to feed an army. Elliana knows all about the snacks. The kids and I always stayed right around 4 hours, and would head home between 2-3 for naps. Everyone else would meet us back at the house a couple hours later.

Naps. They worked perfectly on vacation. Something I feared. Graham got in 3 naps a day. One in the morning around 8. One at the beach. And one long one when we got home. E slept during the long one as well.

Dinner always consisted of all of us gathered around the table for a home cooked meal, too many sides to count, and a variety of beverages to choose from.

Four bottles of vodka. Is how much the guys went through. And then there were bottles of beer and bottles of champagne. When the kids went to bed, the crew got to drinking and talking politics. Me? I had my glass of champagne (or bottle of BLL) or two, and then would sneak into the kids' room and call it a night.

Again, I'm such a mom.

A photo session. That's what we had planned. Outfits and destination was chosen {um the beach, why of course}, and yet the guys kept pushing the date back. Wednesday. No tomorrow. Thursday. No the last day. And when the last day finally came? No session it was. That is quite alright because the candid photos of vacation are always my favorite anyway.

Video taped. I am so happy that I whipped out the video camera from time to time. There were a couple of days that it didn't come out a lot. Most days it was only out for 10 minutes or so. But it's amazing what you can capture in 10 minutes.

And last, but certainly not least, lets talk about traveling. If I would have set expectations for traveling with 2 babies, then surely I would be sitting here telling you that they were blown out the water. I did not in fact set any, but I sure was surprised. Utterly surprised and shocked on how well it went. To HHI, we only stopped 3 times. On the way back home? Only 4 times. For a 12.5 hour trip, a potty trained toddler, and a breastfeeding baby... I count that as a win.

The whole vacation. I count as a win.

Man, I already cannot wait until next year. Next year? We will have a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. I don't even know how to feel about that.......

Until next year. It's been good HHI. Thank you beach. 

I love you ocean,


  1. Wow! Sounds perfect! Those pictures are great, as always!

    I hope when we go on vacation, it will be as smooth as this lol. I'd settle for them both sleeping through the night, though. ;)

  2. Looks like a great vacation! So crazy to think Summer is ending, makes me sad in a way but also excited for what Fall and Winter will bring (after two rounds of infertility treatments I'm FINALLY pregnant and due in March!). I love reading your posts about your family, I am so looking forward to moments like the ones you share.


  3. Love your pictures as always and sounds like such a glorious time spent with family!!!

  4. So glad y'all had a great vacation! Did you put E in a pull-up or keep her in underwear? I always debate that... when we take Emmalyn in the car for an 8-hr drive I put her in a pull-up... just in case! Most of the time she stays dry when we make a pit stop (unless she falls asleep), but most of the time I think she says she has to use the potty just so she can get out of her car seat. Oh two year olds... lol

  5. Sounds perfect!! I was just actually telling Brad I want to start going on vacation there!

    Your pictures are gorgeous as usual

  6. Sounds perfect! You give me hope that the long drive wasn't awful with your little ones. We have never driven over 5 hours with Landon, and we're looking at a 10-12 hour drive this weekend Hopefully it goes as smoothly as yours did!

  7. Sounds absolutely perfect!! I so need this in my life! So glad you had an awesome trip mama, you deserve it!

  8. That's so great that your vacation went so well and so easily!

  9. Sounds like a perfect vacation! I love the comment "I'm such a mom" because that is what I did on our vacay this year :) Early to bed is how it goes! I love that you had a routine and that is worked out, how perfect. Family dinner = best ever!


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