Friday, August 16, 2013

This & That Friday

Watched This

I had come across this video a couple times posted by others, but never actually had the interest to watch it. Who am I kidding here, never had the time. So when I did? I was pleasantly surprised. Very surprised. What a great message to send to young people, and even if it affected very view in the audience, I guarantee it touched a lot more on the internet. So here is to any other young person out there that needs to hear an honest truth about life.

Read That

A part of me wanted so bad to write {yet another} post on the breastfeeding in public deal. The truth is, I could write a book. I am so passionate about it and am so upset about how wrong our country is on the issue. Then I read this--->"NIP"---> And it just reconfirmed the changes that need to be made.

Snagged This
link here
Currently/Past That

Went Raspberry picking last weekend. And once again, they were as amazing as we remembered them being. There is nothing better than fresh berries from a farm. Nothing.

Took the kids {+1- my nephew} to the zoo the other day. It was one of those mornings where we woke up and decided that it was a day for the zoo. Beautiful day too. And on the way there I just thought it would be fun to have my nephew come along as well. Elliana loves her cousins, and we had a great time. He ended up spending the night and we went to the park and grabbed ice cream the other day. I could write a separate post on this. I kind of have already in the past. About how this just showed me what life with 3 would be like. It was one of those things that just got me thinking.

Andrew and I celebrated our anniversary last night by going out to dinner. I just have to say it was such a great time and we barely talked about the children. We couldn't stop talking though all night and laughing and just reminiscing on the past 4 years of marriage. After dinner we went to the restaurant bar and we even... took a couple shots. To celebrate the first day we met. I have to admit, I'm just not as young as I used to be. I was in bed by 945. 

I have to say... it was nice to be able to dress up. 

Elliana starts gymnastics tomorrow! We are so excited for another 3 months of tumbling for her, except this time mama will be looking through the glass. I think she will do great and I know she has missed it while we took a break to do dance. 

Got This

My ebates check came in the mail officially. Shopping online and referring friends and making free money {a couple hundred} doing so is never something I'll complain about. It's like a little "Christmas shopping" gift every few months.

Lastly Go to That

A blog hop where you can meet new bloggers! Great way to get connected--> here



  1. Those boots are gorgeous! How do you manage three at the zoo by yourself? Please tell! I get overwhelmed with my two lol.

  2. Gahh, what a steal on those boots!!

  3. Love those boots!! And kuddos to taking all 3 to the zoo! I am contemplating #3 right now so I've been taking my 2 by myself to as many places as possible, LOL

  4. LOOOOOVE those boots! I tried to snag some, but alas, they are gone :(

  5. Girl totally just bought boots off of there! and I LOVE THEM! i couldn't be happier! took a little bit to get here but totally worth the wait! i'm featuring them in a future post! ;) super cute outfit!


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