Monday, August 5, 2013

If I could Have One Superpower; 52 weeks of blogging

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If I could have one superpower.... what would it be. Just one. Two weeks ago, I knew what that superpower would be. I had thought about this often, and as a mother, it was something that I felt was most important to me. Time. Two weeks ago, I would have sat here and told you about how I wish that I could turn back time. How I wish I had the power to relive amazing memories. Relive baby moments. Relive the first "I love you." Relive our wedding day. Have that ability to take these moments with me forever. Yes, I have them forever with me... but with time... they slowly fade away.

Two weeks ago, I would have told you that my superpower would be the ability to turn back time.

Today, I sill wish I had that superpower. However, today, I want to talk about how I wish something else so badly would happen. And if I had such a superpower, it would be just that.

To cure cancer.

Childhood cancer, adult cancer, cancer killing young mothers, cancer killing young fathers, cancer taking the lives of beloved spouses, cancer taking the lives of beloved siblings. Cancer. Taking. Lives.

During this past week at work, I have had two patients pass away that were in their 30s due to cancer. Two. Both recently diagnosed within the past two months, both dying in a hospital room leaving behind children, wives, mothers and fathers mourning their loss. Yes, I see people die a lot. Sometimes unknown circumstances. Sometimes long drawn out deaths. Sometimes quick ones. Many times they're the young ones. Often times you wonder why. And always you find that every one of them has a story to tell.

But it's these patients that are healthy one day, and then "not" the next. That go in for something as simple as fatigue, pain, or nausea/vomiting/abdominal pain, and come out with...months to live.

And don't even get me started on children with cancer. Nothing, and I mean nothing, pulls at my heart like hearing about a young life having to undergo these big changes with an uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. No child should ever have to know what the word cancer is. No child should ever have precious childhood years stripped away from them. No child should ever have to learn about death at such a young age.

If I could just have one superpower, it would be to cure cancer in all forms, in all bodies, for all families.

I have hope that one day there will be someone with that superpower. One day, cancer will be a thing of the past, and people like myself will no longer have dreams of such a superpower existing.

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  1. Cancer sucks! That's the nicest way I have to put it. And above all else I would never wish that reality on anyone else. The effects of cancer are far reaching and last beyond treatment; I am forever greatful my son will not remember going through treatment, but he will remember all the doctor adapts and tests he'll have the rest of his life. I feel my life will forever be defined by this experience. Cancer sucks!

  2. Great choice of super power. Cancer does suck. There needs to be a cure. completely!

  3. Oh Becky - I am so sorry!! I wish we could cure all illness and bad things in the world. You are one amazing woman with a heart of gold x

  4. I agree cancer is awful, I had one patient a little girl who died with cancer and that patient and her family have forever made a mark on my heart, it was awful, not to mention my best friend was taken from me because of leukemia. Cancer is an awful and evil thing and I agree I wish we had a cure!

  5. This post made me cry buckets. A week and a half ago my grandfather passed away due to cancer. We only knew about his condition 2 weeks before it got the best of him. On top of all that, while on a family vacation last week, my dad found out he has cancer. Last year my aunt passed away from a long cancer battle. Cancer SUCKS! That's all I can say about it. I absolutely HATE it! I hope someone has the super power to get rid of it one day.

  6. I wish you had that super power too!

  7. I almost chose the ability to heal as well... However, I went with something a little more light-hearted. I am so sorry you have lost patients to cancer. I used to work on the Bone Marrow Transplant Ward at a Military Hospital while I was Active Duty. I was terrified of the job at first (I had not asked for it.) However, cancer patients became a source of lessons learned. Most of the ones I dealt with on a daily basis were amazingly brave, strong, and hopefull. They taught me to look at the blessings in life. They taught me to face death, or the possibility of it, with courage, and to not leave the world with regret. Still, my heart broke each time we lost one to the battle. My prayers go out to you.

  8. My sister and cousin were both diagnosed with leukemia at 5 and 7 respectively. My sister's prognosis was not good and my cousin's was decent. They have both come out and gone into remission and have even reached the "cure" line. Now we just have to hope that the chemo doesn't cause another type of cancer. I hope to do a lot blogwise in September which is Childhood Cancer Awareness month..I will keep you in mind in case you would like to be apart of it.

  9. The dreaded C-word. The world would be so much better without it. I'm sorry about your patients. That has to be so difficult for you.

  10. My father-in-law was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 3 years ago at stage 3C. He's still with us today but starting to get worse and it was emotionally painful to see the deterioration when we were down last month.

    Cancer definitely sucks.


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