Thursday, August 15, 2013

This One's For You

This man. This man does things that I could have never imagined a man to do. This man does things that I may expect him to do, but also know that other men may not accept to do. This man is a father that I am so grateful to have for my children. Although he is still learning, as am I, he gives his absolute best to these children. He always wants to be better for them. Be a better role model. Be a better father. Be a better husband so that my children can grow up knowing how a real man should treat a women. So that our daughter will grow up wanting to find a man "just like her papa." And our son will grow up saying he wants to be "just like his father."

More than anything, I want that for our children.

To always see the great in Andrew. To see the man that I fell in love with and the man that I continue to love. To see the good, the great, and the wonderful in him.

I know that with parenting, frustrations can get high, emotions can be overwhelming, and life can get busy. But through it all, this man will and does do anything and everything for his family. These children, as am I, are so lucky to have him. And I am thankful for all that he does for this family.

For taking care of them while I'm at work 3 nights a week.
The baths, the bottles, the diaper changes, night time reading, rocking, and loving.
For loving them while I'm gone.

For being fun.
Running after them around the house.
Swinging them up high in the air.
Building blocks into castles... something mama could never accomplish quite right.
For letting them be kids... and well... being a kid with them.

For discipling them.
Knowing how important raising them is. For us, and for them.
Realizing that we are the biggest influence in our children's lives and their futures.
For acknowledging when we can find various ways. Less yelling, less "no's." More love.

For loving them.
The way he nurtures on them. Holds them. Kisses them.
The way he looks at their picture and smiles. Lights up at their face. Asks for more and more while he's at work.
Telling them. How important those words are. To tell them that no matter what, he loves them.

For being a father that I know they will grow up admiring. One to be proud of.

So this is to my husband and the next 50 years of parenting. Because you know... even when we're 70... they'll still be our babies.

Happy Anniversary my love. We wouldn't have all this without first having us, but all this is what we live for and are proud for. So our anniversary is also about celebrating this beautiful life that we live with these two beautiful children. I love you.


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