Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest Post: Finding the Balance

Finding the balance. Can we just let out a big sigh right  now. For exaggeration purposes. Because just saying the word alone makes me dizzy. Nauesous as I begin to think about my to-do list, reminding
me of things in my life that are not balanced. Such as, household chores. Those {household things} get put on the backburner more often than not. "Tomorrow I'll do this.... {tomorrow comes}... okay, no, really, tomorrow I'll get this done...{one week later}... oh those windows that I've been talking about... about that."

I'm glad that Katie asked me to write about this topic as it is one that interests me the most. It's something that I enjoy reading on other blogs and getting tips from. For me though, I'm not one to throw out advice as much as I am just sharing my story and experiences. I believe that things work for some people, and they don't for others.
Some things come easier during certain times in your life, and some things are just not feasible at all. Regardless, balance is definitely something that is important in my life {our life}, and finding the right balance for those crucial elements {marriage, parenting, household  duties, me-time, work, and more}, is what I am seeking on a daily basis.

Read the rest of my guest post over at Katie's Blog!

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