Sunday, August 11, 2013

Parragon Book Buddy-August

I am very excited to share with you all a new program that Elliana and I are will a part of every month, Parragon Book Club. It is no secret that Elliana loves to read and we read anywhere from 10-20 books a day {a lot of them on repeat}. We go to the library multiple times a week, and we have advanced so much in her vocabulary simply by being diligent about her reading. But what the great part about this is that she actually enjoys it. She's the one saying "just one more book" to us {after already reading 7} before bedtime. She gets excited to bring old books back and check new ones out. And she just loves a good story. So, when I was asked to be a part of this book club, I couldn't help but say no {with excitement}.

Every month, I will showcase the books that we received so that you may find new reads for your little ones as well! This is what August looked like. All little learner books, with descriptions noted by Parragon.

1. Muddypaws Goes To School - It’s the first day of school, and Ben is all set to go. So is his lovable dog, Muddypaws! This beautifully illustrated and heartwarming tale of a boy and his sidekick is a great story for children in their own early school days. Kids will love engaging with the lively text and learning to read along with the story. Ideal for ages 3-8, this book makes a great read-along book for the whole family. ($7.99)

2. Muddypaws’ New Friends - Ben is MuddyPaws’ best friend, but when Ben goes to school, Muddypaws has to stay at home. Then one day, Ben takes Muddypaws to school too – puppy school! There he meets two funny friends. Can the three pups work together to impress Ben, Muddypaws’ very best friend of all? This beautifully illustrated and sweet tale teaches children about making new friends and holding on to old ones. A picture book ideal for all ages! ($7.99)

3. Bunny Loves To Read - Children can learn to read along with Bunny and friends in this charming picture book ideal for beginning readers. With simple, easy-to-read text and engaging illustrations, this book is sure to become a family favorite for reading aloud or for children to practice on their own. ($7.99)

4. Bunny Loves To Write - Buster Bunny loves to read, and when he’s given a notebook and pencil, he discovers that he loves to write, too! Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in this exciting picture book by Peter Bently with a story and doodles by Buster himself. ($7.99)

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  1. That is so awesome. I really want Kayden to love books right now he's Ina stage where he thinks he wants to eat them though, Boys will be boys I guess.

  2. This is great! This is so important and since I am a book lover, I will def be looking forward to these posts!

  3. Books are so important in our house. Last week we met friends at the park after we left the library, Liam just wanted to sit on a bench and read.

  4. Wow! This is great! So you pay a monthly membership and get a set amount of books mailed each month?

    I'm looking for a program like that too. My kids LOVE reading!

  5. this is right up my alley!! i have a love/addiction for books and have been trying to introduce reading into my 14month old sons routine.

    I would love any information you have on becoming part of the parragon Book club
    the sweet life of a southern wife


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