Monday, January 6, 2014

And so it continues

Christmas Day recap? In January? My answer? Better than July.

Kind of like Christmas Eve recap, I'll list the little details that I would like to remember. And of course share a few pictures to go along.

*We left my parent's house early in the morning (7am) while everyone else in the house was still sleeping. When we arrived to the house, we had the kids go in first where they were pleasantly surprised to find that the cookies and milk was gone {thanks to Santa} and that the reindeer ate the carrots {how the reindeer were able to get down the chimney, I have no idea}. There, Santa had left a few presents for the kids {in the special Santa wrapping paper that our dear Elf delivered to the north pole}.

*Elliana helped us carry the presents to the tree where the presents that mama and papa had bought were, and for the next 2 hours, we opened presents, assembled the ones that needed to be put together, and enjoyed ourselves. That was definitely my favorite part, and it proved that we did not have to have many presents to make that morning fun with the kids. I'm still convinced that they would have been perfectly fine with just one toy to play with. Well maybe two so that they would not have to share. Of course mama and papa are boring and got the "boring gifts" for the kids---socks, underwear, clothes, and shoes. Swim suits too {deals!}.

*We got a Cake and candles for Jesus, sang happy birthday to Jesus, but forgot to do the cake part. Elliana still asks about Jesus' cake. This is a new thing that we started doing this year, and I am excited to continue to incorporate more religious components to the holidays. As the kids get older, it's more important to us that they fully understand why we celebrate Christmas to begin with.

*Graham took a little nap while the rest of us went to get showered and get ready. We headed out to Andrew's grandma's house in the afternoon to celebrate Christmas with his family. There, we ate the best food, had the best company, and had the best time. Aside from the million presents to be opened {which we all decided an intervention was needed because of this}, we spent our time just talking, laughing, and playing games that his grandma had thought of. I also decided that next year, we would incorporate more games and fun things for us all to do.

*The kids got way too much stuff, a whole new wardrobe, and not too many toys. Surprisingly, I was pretty pleased that we did not have to drive home a car full of junk. The toys they did get were definitely ones that we would get good use out of.

*College money for the kids is still by far the best gift to receive---to all those out there that wonder about what to give. And the one that we are most grateful for as well.

*We decided to drive home that night {even though initially we were planning on maybe staying}, and we got home just a few minutes before midnight. Before Graham's birthday.

We rushed inside, got his little cake out, and sang happy birthday to him.

It was the best way to end the day and start the new one. Celebration of life.

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