Friday, January 3, 2014

Say "I DO" to Target

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions are that of my own. Follow along via #TargetWedding

Do you know someone that got the proposal during the holidays? Have you been asked to be in that special person's wedding? Are you currently out shopping for the perfect gift and not sure where to start? Engaged and ready to start the planning process? It is that time of year you know. Wedding planning has begun, and come spring/summer/fall time, all the little details will need to be in motion for the big day.

Planning aside, one of our favorite things to work on for the wedding was the registry. It's the start the first pieces that will be placed in your new home, wherever that may be. It's exciting and challenging all at once. To find the quality while meeting the budget all in one place.

Would you be surprised if I told you that Target has all of that for you? Certainly, you shouldn't be... because what does Target not have anyway. Of course, for me though, I get suckered into buying more than I go in for {who doesn't} and then I have to buy something for the kids, the home, and maybe even myself. Shopping online is no exception.

But Target has never failed me. Not yet, anyway. And you know what my favorite stuff to gift {and receive}? Is stuff for the Kitchen. It's the thing that has motivated me to cook, and to learn more. 
5. Blender
6. Skillet

I've been mastering the {prevention of} house fires and yummy meals since 2009. Still a working progress.

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