Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Graham's First Birthday

I still cannot believe that my baby is one. Looking through pictures, I am quickly reminded that yes, we did in fact celebrate his birthday. It did come Becky, and he is one. In fact, already weeks older than he was in those pictures. And that many weeks closer until he is two. I know they say that with the second the time goes by even faster than with the first. This is true. But I also believe that you don't realize how big they are, even when you acknowledge this truth. Sometimes I will look at Graham and try to think back to how Elliana was at his age. The things we did with her. The things we taught her. How we reacted to certain situations. Where we were and what we were doing during each month celebrated. To me, Graham feels smaller, and more "baby" like. I feel as though we treat him that way too. As though he is much younger than he is. Or, you can say that we just treated Elliana like she was much older than she was. Either way, there are definite differnces. Neither one is better than the other. Just different.
One thing that was important to me was that, regardless of the date {the day after Christmas}, he would have an equally special birthday as his sister had when she was his age. I want to make sure I went all out for the decorations in the home, and that those that loved him the most were all there. I wanted to make sure not to forget the details, and I think I accomplished just that. Without the time and effort of the first one. I feel as though I made it look like a million dollars, and spent way less. And it was so much more... relaxing. Dare I say, easy to do.

We made a few appetizers, bought a few drinks, and ordered Bravo in. It was by far the best {and tastiest} decision I ever made.

And relaxing. Can we reiterate relaxing!
Someone asked me the other day what his theme was for his birthday.
I had to stop and think about it for a second.
Mustasche theme.
Look Who's One Theme.
Picture Theme {insert lots of pictures}.

Well, I don't know, I said.

....I guess the theme is celebrating his first year of life.

Yeah, I like that theme. And now... on to his second.


  1. Time flies. Happy Birthday to your little cute man.

  2. I always feel like my 2nd is way more baby like than my 1st was. Which I kind of love, since she's our last baby! Maybe we're just more relaxed now and letting them do their own thing?

  3. Oh my goodness, he's such a little person! My little boy's first birthday is next month and I can't believe it! It goes way too fast.

  4. Sweet pics! Can't believe our babies are one!

  5. So cute! I'm working on planning our first birthday, it seems like sooo soon!


  6. So fun! We are finished with first birthdays here. :(


  7. Simple and easy parties are the best. It looks fabulous. Happy birthday to your little man!

  8. happy birthday graham!
    i can't believe he's 1! its been so fun watching him grow. i still remember that teeny new babe he was! thanks for sharing! xxo

  9. holy moly! you really outdid yourself. that is amazing and i love it! happy birthday to that little cutie!!


  10. How fun to celebrate his 1st birthday! It looks like a fun and special day was had by all! I absolutely love the picture of "Graham" spelled out with pictures. Where did you find that?

  11. So sweet! It's amazing how time flies. It feel silly to say it because it's such a cliche. However, my baby is quickly approaching 8 months and I simply cannot believe it!
    Random, but where are those grass-looking pots (I cannot think of the name for the life of me!) from? I've been looking for them everywhere... maybe it would help if I knew what they were called. Ha!


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