Friday, January 10, 2014

If we were to have a coffee date I'd tell you...

If you follow me on IG then you have probably already seen this picture {and every other picture in this post... oops}, but this boy up there has been fighting his naps. Taking only 20 minutes naps, and then wanting me to carry him all day. Which don't get me wrong, I love dearly. However, we all know the Chaos post the holidays {yes, still}, and mama needed to get things done. Anyway, thankfully he sleeps through the night, and then the other day, I just tried to put him down at a later time... and what do you know... he slept longer! Guys, it's like being a first time mom over here... my first was such a breeze and so consistent that things are just way different with G. But, can we just talk about how sweet that smile is? That's how he gets me... each and every time.

We did finally get all the Christmas stuff down {two days ago}, and finally put into the attic {sat in the hallway for quite some time. I also scored some great deals at Wal-mart, Walgreens, and Kroger. 75% off! Make sure to check out your stores!

I saw a picture of a "naked" cat the other day, and I realized...boy am I not a cat person at the least. Kittens are cute, cats? Not so much.

I'm not even sure I'm a dog person anymore. After having kids, I just see them as pets and nothing else. I can see my MIL smiling right now--- "I told you so."

I watched 4 children ages 5 and under {okay, two were mine-so they came with the package} , and I cringe to even admit that it wasn't that bad. They are here with me again today too, so ask me after they leave what I really think. Does this mean I will have four? I don't think so. But definitely one more.

A house full of kids is a happy house.

I watched the Bachelor the other night {I haven't watched TV in who knows how long} and I have to say...I have a TV crush on Juan Pablo. He is just so likeable. I really like Andi, so I am going to pick early on that she wins. And I'm going to try to stay away from Reality Steve.

Not a fan of the first impression rose girl, by the way. I don't think many people were.

We survived the snow storm of 2014. Hopefully that will be the only and last one for a long time. Temperatures reached in the negatives and "felt" like -30. Of course I had to work the first two nights that it hit. Talk about an interesting ride.

So we found the best board game for kids. Our first, too. Wasn't sure how E would do following the directions... but she loved it. Begs for us to play. Very educational too--Alphabet, rhyming, sight words.
Super Why ABC Letter Game

Would you be surprised if I told you that I have already started shopping for Christmas.  Christmas 2014. Yes, well you see---too many deals too good to pass up. I found the perfect stocking stuffer, so family if you read this... PLEASE do not click on this link. Eyes to strangers ONLY. But seriously, what a genius gift! Stocking stuffer favorite--family not allowed to look

I'm also trying to work on a post for Valentine's Day/Easter ideas. Anyone have any all time favorite things to put in the kids baskets? Do share!


  1. I live in the suburbs of Chicago so we also survived Chi-beria 2014!! Man that was some cold!!

    Thanks for the heads up on that board game, we love playing games and I've been wanting to find a new one!

    For V-Day, I love giving stickers, a new stamp & stamp pad, chocolate and this year I'll give my 3 yr old a new pez dispenser, he got one for Christmas and is obsessed!

  2. uhhh I also did not care at all for the girl who got the first impression rose. blah. Andi is my fav also :)

  3. I'm from Hawaii so I LOVE seeing pictures of snow. But I'm sure if I had to live and drive through it I'd be singing a different tune!

    My middle son loves Super Why so I was pretty excited when I seen the game at Target!

    I've never made gift baskets for Valentine's Day. We normally bake together and wrap them up for family and friends. Thanks for the reminder that I have a Kindergartner I should start planning what we'll be making for his class.


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