Thursday, January 2, 2014

Four on Thursday

{ONE} Blog posts.

Yesterday's New Year's post interrupted my birthday week recap, so the rest of Christmas as well as Graham's birthday will be up next week. I think, sometimes, I just have to post things when I write them and let others take a step back. I think that's why I have moments of dread coming to this little place to write...because I don't let my thoughts out as I write them out. Scheduled posts are a life saver at time. Others? Not so much. While I'm on the topic--I have some fun posts scheduled. Someone also emailed me asking about whether blogging with a purpose is coming back, and I will leave that question open to you guys----is this something that you would like to see come back? I'm not sure yet if it will.

{TWO} Books.

I read the Divergent, and then the Insurgent, and then the Allegiant all in about 5 days. All three books. This. Coming from the girl who has not picked up a book since the 50 shades of Grey. Before that? I think it was Twilight. Really though, I got a Nook for Christmas and I am determined this year to read at least 1 a month. I think I have January covered already. Part of my outlook for 2014 involves a lot more reading. More on that later.

{THREE} Winter.

Winter has really been dreadful over here. Really cold. Lack of snow {so it's not like we can be out playing in the snow}, and lacking fun. I have been stir crazy in this house more often than not, and I'm ready for warmer weather and to be able to get back into the swing of things. Like daily walks. Getting in the car and just going {without ten million layers to put on and off}. Park dates with our friends. Anything but sitting in the house doing activity after activity. The same ones. I feel like the kids are getting a little worked up over it as well.

{FOUR} Deals.

I won't be doing deals of the week anymore, but I will share them when I find them. I know all of you are as crazy as I am and start planning for Christmas 2014 like I am. Okay, okay, not yet.
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That's all I have for today. I know, boring. With the holidays and all the birthdays these past two weeks, I'm just ready to start getting back into a regular routine again. I truly think it will take me about a month to recover. So if I'm a little distant in this space around here? You'll know why.

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