Monday, January 27, 2014

Making my Superbowl Party one to remember. And take home.

When Andrew and I met in college, I told him that I was a sports girl. I loved football. I was into basketball. Take me to a ball game. I'm that girl. To this day, Andrew reminds me, quite frequently, about this little "fib" that I told, and after 8 years he is still trying to convince me of that girl I used to be. Except I never really was that girl. Here is the truth--- I'm quite the opposite. I do like going to games, but that mainly stems from the fact that I love to be around people, eat loads of delicious stadium food, and have a few drinks while yelling at the top of my lungs. Even if I don't know what is going on. I'll be the biggest fan---in the moment. All while sporting the jersey of the team we are rooting for.

The same goes for watching sports television. Having it on all hours of the day just because? No thank you. Having it on while having other people over and preparing appetizers and cold beverages? Sign me up. Any reason to have a good time with some close family or friends then I'm all for it. Even, shockingly, if that means sports are involved. I've even gotten excited about a wrestling match. That cost us $60 just to watch by the way.

So when it comes to the Super Bowl, I get excited. I think about what appetizers we will make. I think about the games that we will play. And I think about which team I'm going to choose to root for. Usually it is the opposite team that my husband chooses. Just to have a little fun with it. Needless to say, it irritates him when I'm cheering for "the other team."

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