Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I confess....

 I confess... My phone was off all weekend because it died, and I never missed it for one second. It stayed in the car until I had to go to work Sunday night. Makes me wish I could just get rid of it all together and get one of those pay-as-you go phones. Oh man, what has gotten into me.

I confess...We have had the paint for our living room/playroom remodel for 2 months now, and we just put the first coat of paint on the walls this past weekend. Might I mention that this room has been 4 different colors in less than 4 years.

I confess... I love Adam and Blake on the Voice. I even love Shakira and Usher as well, but I especially love the relationship between Adam and Blake. They seem so real, and I think that is why I enjoy watching the show so much. Not to mention the unbelievable talent this year.

I confess.... We let Elliana stay up a little past her bedtime on Friday so that she could watch "The Singing Shows" with us. She loves to "sing" along.

I confess... I eat ice cream almost every day. We buy the little mini cones from Trader Joe's so I use that as an excuse for why it is okay. They're only 70 calories!
I confess... my daughter also has my obsession with ice cream. I catch her digging in the freezer to sneak some when I'm not looking. Seriously, she's even hidden in the bathroom before scarfing it down! How do kids know to be so sneaky?
I confess...three is definitely my favorite age. Funny, because I have talked before about how it is a tough age for me {at times}---but that too shall pass. The conversations that I have with E, and the imaginary play and watching her just think and learn is just really fun.
I confess... I cannot stop thinking about how G will be at the age that E is. Him talking to me and asking questions, and talking, and more talking is just something that I look forward to.
I confess.... I don't get baby fever the way other people do. I don't yearn for that baby stage, and I definitely don't miss it {call me crazy}, it's more so the toddler stage that I get excited about. So when thinking about having another baby, it's definitely not the newborn snuggles that I look forward to {although those are pretty sweet as well}.
I confess....I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at different kinds of school supplies; from globes to maps, skeletons, board games, puzzles, and more. I don't even want to admit how excited I get at the thought of my children getting older and teaching them more and more.
I confess....I went through my daughter's Valentine's day stash with her and we devoured some candy like it was our job. I look forward to these sort of holidays simply because the kids are still too young to want to have it all. This is why we emphasis the importance of sharing.
I confess... I will never complain about hot weather ever again.

If it means that this winter will end today. Sign me up.

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  1. I have baby fever, but not baby STAGE fever. I too love toddlers and older!

  2. When my son was 3 he thought he was a dinosaur, more roaring and stomping then talking but still amazing, he still has the best imagination <3

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