Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nothing Worse than {part two}....

As mentioned before, these are for "humor" and for fun purposes. There are plenty of things in life that are "worse" and these little things only remind us of what we should be grateful for and to appreciate those around us.

20. A brain freeze. Full blown in your brain and nose freeze. I'm talking you have to close your eyes, your body shakes, and you scream just hoping that it will stop soon. And yet, when it's over, you continue eating the ice cream.

19. That ice cream actually has to have calories. An abundance. And things like lettuce has none.

18. A never ending winter, below zero temperatures, and a climate reported that made news in Russia. Who would have ever thought. Then you get a glimpse of warm weather {in the 60's} and then the very next day it's -1 chill with 3-4 inches of snow reported. Weather on crack.

17. Opening up your email to more and more junk. And realizing that you much prefer the kind of mail that arrives via wheels. See image below.

16. Thinking that it was Friday, and realizing half way through the day that it is in fact Thursday.

15. Having one child finally go down for a nap and hearing the other one wake up. Right when you poured the bowl of salsa and popped open the bag of chips.

14. Going into Target to buy one thing and walking out with a cart full. Some may see this as a good thing, I see it as a curse.

13. Juan Pablo and the after the rose ceremony. I would even go as far as to say that the final episode was terrible too... but I didn't watch it. I was about 4 episodes behind, happened to see the after-the-rose on TV and realized how awkward and strange it all was {not necessarily what he said, but the whole production and everyone hounding him about the "I love you" thing... all strange}.
12.Watching the second movie of the hunger games, loving the second movie of the hunger games, and having to wait for the next two movies to find out what happens next. No, I never read the books. But I loved the movie.

11. Three year olds that kick in their sleep.

10.Three year olds that insist on wearing santa pajamas every night {good thing I don't do laundry every day}.

9. Three year olds.  Okay kidding--they're actually THE BEST. I could bottle up this age {minus the attitude}, and live it forever.

8. And since we are on the topic of Santa {number 10}... nothing worse than actually being okay with it not being Christmas time {if you know me, you know this is just all too strange for me}. But because of the weather... Christmas is the last thing on my mind. That's a first.

7. Comcast cable. I could go on a rant... but why? There are forums and a website dedicated to people's hatred for Comcast. Enough said.

6. Going to the dentist. I mean... who actually likes to go to the dentist. Oh wait, the people who proudly say "never had a cavity!" Those people don't count anyway.

5. Poopy cloth diapers. Yes, I said it. What do you expect... my toddler is so into the "pooping" talk these days. It's all "poooopy" this and "pooooopy" that and every song gets turned into POOPY had a little lamb little lamb. So yes, I said the word.

But the worst crime of all.....

4. Snow on the ground in March.

3. More snow on the ground... did I mention in March {after January and February continuous never ending vomit of snow}.

2. A winter that gave you infinite amounts of snow on the ground. I think we all hear you the message--people stop complaining about the weather! Not working... 3/4 of this post is me complaining about the weather.

1. A hangover. I wouldn't know, I've never had one.

Happy hump day! 

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