Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The ultimate mama/baby prize back giveaway!

This is not a sponsored post, however, I did receive products for my honest opinion. Thank you for reading, and thank you Infantino. 

One thing I quickly learned after becoming a mom is that you have to be prepared. You have to be prepared when you go to the doctor's appointments. You have to be prepared when you go for a walk. You have to be prepared when you go out to a restaurant. You have to be prepared when you stay at grandma's house overnight. You just have to be prepared any time you step foot out the door. That is if you have your little ones in two.

For what, you may ask?

My answer is simple--- for anything. And I mean anything.

For diaper explosions. For meltdowns. For outfit changes. For "mama I'm hungry and I'm hungry now and I must have a snack like five minutes ago." For boo boo's and pick-me-ups. The mama emergencies---as I like to call it. And let me tell you... these emergencies happen more frequently than not. For whatever life may throw your way.

I also learned that when I don't think through what may happen {in the future}, or when I don't bring along my trusty products and "life savers" then it's always at that moment that I run into a crisis. Of course when I am prepared, when I've thought everything through, and when my diaper bag is overflowing with essentials---then that's when I don't use a thing.

Isn't that how life goes though.

However, I would much rather be over prepared than under. I'm the same way at work... get my room ready, stocked, organized, and ready for the wildest of admissions, and my luck I won't get one at all.
So as far as products go, Infantino has always been one of my favorite, trusting, and reliable companies. You may remember me writing about my latest and greatest obsession with baby food making and my Infantino squeeze station {that I recommend to everyone I come in contact with}, but I say it because it is the truth, and when I find products that I love, I'm always more than happy to share them with others. Especially expecting mothers.

The new {new for me} neoprene necessities line has me all sorts of giddy as it has upped my level of organization---not only in my diaper bag, but car, and stroller as well. The back seat storage holds all of the junk that has piled on the floor of the car {bows, toys, hats, and gloves}, the bottle sleeve is now strapped nicely to my stroller for our anticipated long walks around the neighborhood {come warm weather, come}, and the diaper kit has already been filled and tucked away nicely for all of our outings to come. I have to say that the best part is the expandable, flexible, weather and water resistant material of which all these products are made of. 

And because products make me so happy, I have no doubt that it will make another mama and her precious baby just as happy. You can will all these items listed by using the rafflecopter widget below!

Winning Prize will consist of:
Tote It – Bottle holder with handle (holds two) – $14.99

Happy Hold – Car seat arm cushion for infant car seat – $9.99

Hold It – Bottle sleeve with handle (holds one)  – $5.99

Stroll Case – Densely cushioned and protective smart phone holder – $6.99

Stuff It – Two-in-one diaper kit with changing pad and clutch that holds wipes case and diapers – $24.99

Wipes Out – Wipes pouch – $9.99

Slim Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover – Densely cushioned, non-bulky and germ-defying protective cover – $29.99

Roomy – Organizer for backseat necessities (holds everything mom might need at a moment’s notice from the driver’s seat) – $19.99

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