Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Week's BEST

10. Going on a date with my husband. We went to a sushi restaurant with a couple friends and had a wonderful time. Of course, me, being the sushi expert that I am, got the amazingly delicious classic---California rolls. 

9. Finally learning how to curl my hair. Finally. I seriously have what I thought the "worst" hair for curling--never sticking and never getting it right. After a couple youtube videos {and a couple showers}, I finally nailed it. Well, nailed it for me. Link to the video that saved my life {how to get beachy waves with a straightener}.

8. Ikea spice racks turned bookshelves. It is by far one of my most favorite Pinterest ideas to date, and I finally bought them off of amazon { ikea spice racks } and convinced Andrew to put them up. Genius! I seriously can't stop staring at them.

7. Temperatures in the 50's. It is by far the greatest part of this week and I have to say that I could live outdoors if it would just stay this warm. Even after being at the park for an hour and telling E we would be going to Grandma's house, she still did not want to leave. Neither did G. I think he is an even bigger outdoors kid then E--which says a lot.

6. Watching E draw "people" on her board. It is so fun to watch as she figures out something new to draw or add on to what she already knows. Like this week we added ears and hair to her stick people. Pretty soon hair bows and painted nails.

5. Wild Smoked salmon on a baguette.  This is seriously the latest craze in our house. Andrew bought it a couple weeks ago from TJ's and now I am hooked. I seriously want to have it for every meal. You know when I was in France it was normal for people to eat a whole baguette for breakfast. WITH NUTELLA! And they were all sticks.

4. Solar system book. We made this last week and E has been carrying it around everywhere. I don't know why I had never thought of this sooner {putting together a book of what we are learning}. She's a natural hoarder and loves to carry things around, so this is great and stimulated random learning throughout the day whenever she felt like it. Super glue to the rescue.

3. Finding these Cole Haan aviators for 75% off! I am really preparing for summer and snagged some great beach bags, sun hats, cover ups, and these glasses!

2. Finding selfies from your littles on your phone. The best.

1. Having 4 days in a row off this week! Which means lots of park dates, maybe a trip to the zoo, and much more fun in the sun.

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