Monday, March 31, 2014

If you came over for drinks this week...

If you came over for drinks, you'd first notice when you walked in that we painted our playroom. We put bookshelves up, and we started adding little details to the room to be better organized and make more sense. I'd probably show you the two walls that need my attention the most and pitch you all my grand ideas. But in reality, we both know that it will most likely be a couple months before these projects come to real life. And then another two before I get around to sending you pictures.

We'd sit on the couch and I'd have my cup of hazelenut coffee and you'd have your choice of beverage. I'd have to warn you though, we only have water and coffee in our home. That our Bud light lime.

In the middle of our conversation, we would be distracted by the police sirens that indicate yet another person has been pulled over for running a stop sign. We'd talk about which one was fair and which one was not. And then it would remind me of the road rage video that everyone has probably seen by now. After watching it, I'd tell you that there are too many crazies out there, and they were both lucky that no one got hurt. But that's just the mom in me talking. 

Moving on to more serious topics, I'd want to talk to you first about the autism rate rising. By now, everyone has seen the new numbers released by the CDC and it's not something that one can simply ignore. I'd tell you that I don't believe there is one cause of autism and that similar to cancer, there can be many {thousands} of triggers out there. But to lump them into major categories, I would definitely suggest that the environment, toxins, and our diets play a major role in the rise in prevalence. Regardless, we would both agree that more research and more attention to this topic needs to be done right away.

And then I'd tell you that lately I've sat around and thought a lot about other children. Lonely children. Children without loving homes, warm homes, and empty bellies. I'd tell you that I cry for those children often and that I pray about those children. I'd tell you that although the topic of having another baby has come up in our home more often than ever before, what's truly in my heart is giving a child a home and a family that may not have one already. I'd tell you that it would have already happened if it were not for the financial aspect of adopting a child. That right now our goal is to pay off as many bills and that hopefully in a couple years be in place where this can be made possible.

I know I need to lighten up the conversation a little, so naturally, I'd do what I know best....

Show you pictures.

I'd show you this one that gives me goo goo ga ga eyes when I look at it.
Kid's feet in baby nikes is just too much.

And this one:
A baby watching snow fall {for the millionth time} at the end of March. A crime.

And lastly this one:
My obsession with teaching and making teaching fun and exciting for the kids.

I have so many ideas running through my head and it's crazy how much I love to find new things to teach the kiddos.

I'd ask you if you thought I was a nerd for looking forward to the day I get to teach the kids about the Presidents, and the different countries, and math.... MATH! I love algebra and could do math problems as a hobby.

At this point, you'd probably laugh at me and tell me that it's time for a drink. And that we need to go outside and get some fresh air.

After a lot of serious topics, and some cute pictures, it was more than time to go clear our heads.


  1. I am so excited to really get started homeschooling my daughter too.

  2. You left out that we could snuggle.

  3. I would love to come over and chat... you were one of the first blogs I start reading, and continue to be a fav! :)

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