Monday, March 17, 2014

I remember when....

I remember when I had a syndrome called ---I see, I want, I buy. Now, I cannot bring myself to spend more than $20 on a shirt, and never more than $50 on a single order. I mean, I’m all about saving money that I even made my husband cancel cable, and tried to convince him that I don’t even need a smart phone and I’d much prefer to just get an old fashioned flip phone. At this rate…I’ll be requesting a horse and a buggy in no time. 
I remember when I used to maintain 10-15 conversations throughout the day via text. Now, I’m all like, “Call me if you need me.” But please don't because I probably won't answer.
I remember when sleeping in meant 10-11 in the morning on the weekends, sometimes later. Now, I’m doing victory dances when I roll over to see 8:30 on my phone for the first time.
I remember when date nights used to consist of a dinner, a movie, and then dessert and a walk in the park. Okay, maybe scratch the park walk. Now, I get all sorts of giddy when Andrew comes home with a red box movie, we whip up some appetizers, and we snuggle on the couch hoping to make it past 9:30 before our eyes shut out the entire world. Rarely do I make it.
I remember when going out to dinner sounded like a fun idea. Now, I’m all like…”That’s a lot of work.”
I remember when I used to start my day with a bowl of cereal. Oh wait, I still do. 
I remember when my camera used to consist of 70% pictures of myself and Andrew, 20% of my dog, and 10% of my friends. Now, it’s all kids, food, more kids, random, and kids. No one would ever even know now that we have a dog. Or that Andrew and I exist. I am getting better at that though.
I remember when I asked or a ereader for Christmas in hopes of reading tons of books. One series later and I have yet to pick it up again. 
I remember when I used to be sad to go to work because I'd miss out on bath time with the kids.... Now, I'm all like "Work? Yes!!! Freeeeeedom." No really, it's kind of exciting sometimes. Adult conversations are nice as well. But being a SAHM is 100 times better. Fact.

I remember when I started dreaming of warm weather {3 months ago} and all the cute summer clothes....  Still dreaming.
I remember when holidays like St. Patrick’s Day meant another day to day drink and celebrate with a green beer. Now, it’s another reason for me to make cute crafts with the kids, and how to create a leprechaun catch box.
Boy, times sure have changed.
And I surely wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Some of these are my life. :) To think I want to sacrifice it to have kids ;)

  2. Love this :) We don't have kids yet but I still love take-out, redbox movies and at home date nights! :)

  3. I did the same thing with my Kindle. I had to have it, read a few books, then never picked it up again. Oops.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the day with your babies!

  4. I used to be on a similar page as you with not needing a smart phone. It wasn't that the 'smart' part or touch screen bothered me as much as I was perfectly happy and fine with my just adequate flip phone with T-9 texting functions. I've since made the switch to an iPhone after as I like to call it I was "forced" by familial pressure to upgrade my flip phone. I was not a happy camper for quite sometime. The hardest part to get used to I think was obviously the finicky touch screen & trying to send texts or write anything with the full keyboard on a phone & then with auto correct having to worry about making sure to go back and re read anything I type on a computer on the internet since it does not have auto correct, which can be a pain in its very own well earned way. Longish comment short now that I've had the new phone for basically a year I have no idea why I was so anti smart phone & pro flip phone for so long. I certainly would never willingly trade a smart phone for my just adequate phone again. In other words, if you haven't already "crossed over" & you get the chance at no cost to your self or monthly billing think on that offer over night or for a day or so, you might not dislike it as much as you think you will...


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