Tuesday, March 18, 2014

M is for Monster.... M is for: MAMA likes a lot.

Have you ever thought that you wanted to do more fun, educational, engaging activities with your child but didn't know where to start? Or perhaps, you knew where to start {i.e. pinterest} but became overwhelmed by all the supplies and the time needed to prepare for the desired arts and crafts.

I know that I have found myself in both scenarios, and have become frustrated at times because I just didn't have the right stuff to do a project, or perhaps we ran out of time because I was busy cutting stuff out and the baby woke up.

Whatever the reason may be, I remember saying to myself... someone out there is a lot more organized then I am, and probably does this for a living.

That someone is M is for Monster. This mother had the same exact dilemma that I listed above and she did something about it. She not only did something for her family, but she extended her services to help other parents like herself with a desire to teach, and to do so in a fun way.

We had the opportunity to try out a box, and I could seriously rave on and on about how amazing it is. But my style of thinking is via bulletin point, and I will tell you point by point exactly what we loved about this monthly subscription box.

1. Organized. First and foremost, it is put together nicely, everything is labeled, and the details are all laid out for you telling you exactly what you should do every week and how to exactly do it.

2. Two-three projects a week. No more thinking. Your weeks are separated by the projects and it keeps you busy all month. By the time you are finished, you're ready for a new box!

3. Interactive. Every project involves me and allows me to be able to talk with my daughter about the things that we are doing and to turn into each of the crafts/projects into a learning experience.

4. All the supplies come in the package. There is no guess work or trying to hunt down glue or a marker. It comes in the box!

5. A mix of learning. It's not just one topic, it's a blend. From math, to art, to science and reading.

And if I have convinced you that I love it, then let me just tell you that it doesn't compare to how much Elliana enjoyed it.

And the thing she was most excited about was... drum roll.. a  GLUE STICK--- that she kept insisting "mama mama take a picture of me holding the glue stick." And that I did. Mind you, she has glue sticks... but she just didn't have this one.

Oh, to be a toddler again.

And the final product {of one of our projects} hung proudly the week of St. Patrick's Day.

But the best thing that Elliana still raves about is her "Tornado." Such an easy and clever idea that had her little head spinning with excitement. After I showed her a youtube video of what a tornado looked like, she was even more amazed that she was hold one in her little hand.

In fact, we had to facetime every single person in my phone book to show them. Which is like five people. Here is her showing her papa.

Overall, I give this box an A+++.
I don't excited about many things, but this one is definitely worth getting excited about!

Go check out M is for Monster and get your kiddos signed up!

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  1. I rarely ever comment but I read all of your posts and I just have to tell you that I think you are one Amazing mama! I just love seeing all the projects you do with your sweet kiddos and the quality time you spend with them all while still being a working mama.....kuddos to you! I have 2 small children and work every day and your posts motivate me to do more with them so thank you for that!!!


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