Monday, March 24, 2014

Lately... in a confessional type way

I confess, I dressed up to go on a mama daughter date. Wedges, cute green coat, chevron hat, accessories throughout, and new shirt. Any excuse to feel cleaned up, I'll take it. Even if it's not for the husband.

I confess, I don't tell my children that they are eating yogurt when they think they are eating "ice cream." Not that that would change their mind... have you seen the toppings at this orange leaf place? Might as well call it ice cream. 

I confess, I was all over the FREE 8X8 book from Shutterfly. It ends TUESDAY, enter code: storytime at checkout.

I confess, no one in this household is a Frozen fan. Actually there are only 2 members that have seen it, Elliana and my husband. They saw it in the theater when it came out, and were never thrilled about it when they came home. In fact, I never put it together until after the fact that my daughter's fear of snow and ice all started coincidentally after that movie. And when it came out and the whole entire world was raving about it, I asked her if she wanted to watch it again in which she replied "No mommy, I don't like that movie." Enough said.

I confess, I couldn't help but laugh when I read yet another one of those typical I hate the holiday hype posts on huffington post. ANOTHER ONE. Do we know how many there have been in the past couple of years? TOO MANY. When are people going to realize that 1. The "hype" isn't going away anytime soon. 2. Times change and there is nothing wrong with that--move along with the change and quit complaining about it. and most importantly 3. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, and it's a matter of what you make out of the holiday. It's really becoming an eye roller to see people continue to whine about what other families are doing with their children for the holidays.

I confess, those last two confessionals were entirely too long and I am sorry for that. Rants, I know, overkill.

I confess, I like the idea that my 14 month old feeds himself with a spoon and fork. It means that I can actually have a couple minutes {long minutes since he's slow at it} to wash dishes, or sit and relax. Unfortunately, it also means I have a big mess to clean up afterwards. But? Totally worth it.

I confess, I have had baby fever. Quite a bit. No worries, then I look at my two very needy {in a good way} children, and they fill that void very quickly. No babies here anytime soon.

I confess, American Idol is not doing it anymore. I expected to have a few favorites, and I cannot even pick one that I think should win this competition. Maybe it is time for this show to come to a final end.

I confess, I bought tight flowery bright neon pants from Target. I mean.... really, they are quite obnoxious. Good news is that they are yoga pants/sleep pants/pants you don't wear out in public. But I just needed some spring in my life.

I confess, I let the kids destroy my kitchen, walls, floor, and all with shaving cream "paint." It sounded like a great idea... until I had to be the one to clean it up. And them.

I confess, I am into a crafting phase. And I really really like it.

I confess....

I'm not a fan of Mondays and so far two Mondays in a row I have made it a confessional day. And? I have no reason besides being lazy for that.

Happy 4 more days to go. Until the weekend. 

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  1. I agree about those holiday posts. I don't have kids, but I know I'm going to be 'that' mom that goes all out. That's who I am. Always have been. Heck, my husband and I go all out for holidays now, because it is fun. I grew up with my mom always planning the homeroom parties for the holidays in elementary school. Plus, I'm like, it really does not take that much effort to make some damn cupcakes with the icing coinciding with the holidays. HAHA.


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