Thursday, June 19, 2014

A letter to you, you, you, and me.

Dear Me,

You should shop more often. See that big smile on your face? It's because you actually went shopping and it wasn't for the kids. In fact, your kids were not even with you! Amazing how happy one can feel when they actually get to treat themselves and not get pulled at it multiple directions. I'm just asking you to do it once in a while. It really is a good thing for you. 

Dear 1000 Animal Facts Book,

You are what I read when I go to the restroom, and what I read when I get out. You are what I am reading a lot lately since you landed on my doorstep. I'd like to announce my nerd title right here and right now. Why I get excited about discovering new things to teach the kids, I cannot tell you. I just do.

Dear Graham,

My foot hurts. A lot. I have a large hematoma at the top of my left foot and I can barely walk. My hands are pretty scraped up as well.  You though? You think it's just so funny that you got a running start on your little bike while tilting your head back, watching as I am chasing behind you to only reach you right before you hit the curb and save you from crashing. Me? I crashed bad though. No more bike for you my little rebel child.

A rebel to say the least.

Dear Story Time,

We don't like when you take "one month breaks" to make changes to the program. We don't like it because then we have to patiently wait for you to start back up, and then when you do we get all sad because we have to wait another week for the next session. We do, however, love that the summer reading program is going on now and that we have already reached the first level prize!

Dear Science Projects,

We adore you. I found a great site for science ideas with toddlers {exactly what I googled}, and now we have an entire list that will surely keep us busy all summer with fun experiments. First up was the creating of the parachute and talking about surface area and how the air gets trapped and slows objects now. We could talk about these sort of things all day long, but the fact that we get to do it hands on and see it with our own eyes just makes a world of a difference. Mind blown.

To make parachute:

Get a plastic bag {or anything of similar material}, cut out a large square. Then cut out the corners to make the shape into an octagon. Next, put small holes at the end of each edge {8 holes}. Cut out 8 pieces of string of identical size. Tie the string in the holes and then tie them to a very light object--preferably one you have two of. Stand on tall surface and let go. Show them the difference in speed of two identical objects falling at the same time.  

Dear Soccer Practice,

My kid loves you. A lot. Out of all the sports and activities that we have signed her up for, this one definitely takes the cake. The entire cake. I'm going to have to figure out what we are going to do when it's actually over!

Dear E,

I cannot love you more than I do. I cannot want to hang out with you more than I already do. I just cannot get enough of you. You are at such a fun age. Your heart is just so big. You love your brother and your mama and papa so much and it just brings the greatest joy in my life to watch you blossom into this beautiful little girl. You will forever be my best friend, and I know that I will always be so sappy when it comes to you.
Dear World,

I'd like you all to know that I have lost a very long and tough battle with my husband. The battle of the xbox. Somehow he arrived home with this great big box yesterday in his hand and a pitiful "I'm sorry, I had to do it honey" look on his face. And somehow, I was not surprised at all. I knew this day would be coming, and now it has arrived.

This means that I deserve something, right?



  1. I'm so glad I found your blog again! I didn't realize that your original URL had been taken and you are at a new spot now. I have LOTS to read up now, but I wanted to say HI and that I missed reading you. Glad I found you again! Ps. Can't wait to hear if you bought that pump or not over your trip!

  2. I love all of your letters! Isn't it amazing how great you feel after buying yourself a little treat? I make sure to try to do that at least once a month, even if it is just me going to Starbucks and sitting down to drink my coffee. Sounds like your kids have been having a blast so far!!


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