Tuesday, June 3, 2014

News Flash. Stuff that make headlines..... maybe.

11 pounds of strawberries.

That's how much we picked the other day with the kids and that's how much will be eaten and in our bellies the next few days. Actually in the past week, we would have eaten 18 pounds of strawberries. No rough estimate. No exaggeration. 

I'm certain that in no time, we will all turn into those little red delicious fruits ourselves.

Graham Got a Haircut.

Usually, I wouldn't blog about such an event as a haircut, and I never did when E got her first one last year {at almost 3 years old}, but this one is kind of different. For one, I had never had any intention of actually cutting it {even when it became a raggedy mess}, but then something happened and I had no other choice. To be honest though, I am so happy that we did and I love it more than I did his long hair.

Never did I imagine myself saying that.

Pool Weather

This past week has been in the 80's, sunny with a perfect breeze. I had promised the kids a pool day on Friday, and what do you know, Elliana did not forget when Friday came around that she would be putting on her swimsuit and splashing in water all day. And that we did. Graham surprised me though and didn't get as in as I had expected to him to since he's our daredevil child, but he really doesn't like being cold at all and his little body would shiver so I'd have to scoop him up in a towel and snuggle him.

No complaints there.

Our Butterflies are here

I know that I should not be this excited about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to pupa to butterfly, but I am. E is equally {if not more} excited than I am. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw that 5/6 of the butterflies were already flying around, and after the kids wake up this morning and we eat breakfast, we plan on going outside to let them free!

A couple extra things to add....


Our favorite ride-on toys are on sale

I just snagged another one because the kids always fight over this {as do I}, and it's such an awesome toy to have around the house. I mean, until your toes get run over.

Recall to be aware of

Another baby has died in one of these nanny chairs and although they are not being sold anymore, they are still out there given as gifts or sold at garage sales.


2 days left to enter the Kohl's Giveaway
Father's day gift guide is on the blog!

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  1. We have a Nap Nanny. We don't have a Pack 'n Play, and with a two-story house, I wanted something downstairs that I could set the baby in to avoid the constant up and down after delivery. I'm not knocking the recall, but I'm not throwing mine away.


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