Friday, June 27, 2014

I confess.

I confess... I delete pictures from my instagram. Simply because I think they are boring—food, books, box labels, and anything else that I think will not interest anyone that had not already seen the image. Basically, I share it just briefly for the general public then delete it so I don't have to sift through it later on when I get my images made into a book.

I confess... I already started making my Christmas list {sorry, I know just the mention of Christmas makes some people cringe}. Not just for the kids, but even for myself.

I confess...Owning a home sometimes sucks—the money you have to put into it, and the unexpected expenses that surprise you at times. Thankfully we have not had many issues in the past 4 years of home ownership, but I really don't like spending money on "landscaping" and "AC/furnace." I just think about all the vacations we could have gone on...... can't go there.

I confess... if i were to win $1,000 and had to choose to buy stuff or go on a trip, I would hands down go on a trip over a shopping spree. As nice as shopping is at times, it absolutely does not and never will trump a getaway with the family. That's probably why yearly family vacations are {and always will be} so important to us.

I confess...I have not come to terms with the fact that my baby is 18 months. My baby. I do not treat him that way either—he is still a baby to me.

I confess...I need to write down his 18 month milestones before he

I confess...I already have {too many to count} presents in my laundry room. Pretty soon the kids will start catching on and I'm going to have to find a clever spot to hide all this junk.

I confess...I have Kohl's cash that I cannot use until Sunday, and I have my cart already full and ready to go once that day comes. I'm a weird planner when it comes to that sort of thing.

I MIL is probably saying right now—shouldn't you be working on those pictures you took 3+ weeks ago instead of shopping? Yes, the answer is yes, I should.

I confess...I kind of like the fact that the kids wake up at 6am, because it means that beds are made, kids are fed, and we are dressed and ready for the day by 8am.

I confess....that was a total lie. I love sleep way more.


  1. I confess I already started my Christmas shopping.
    I confess we planned a trip to Toronto (leaving Sunday) because our summer vacation fell through.
    I confess money spent on house repairs does really stink!!!

  2. Omg, me too abt the xmas shopping. I do it year round. Know what you mean abt the house repairs. We had work done on the chimney, then the storm caused damage to the trees. There goes the vacation money. At least no one was hurt.

  3. Hahaha I was about to say...hmmm I guess she has a good way of looking at things by seeing the positives of waking up at an ungodly hour like I do, you totally had me lol. Glad to see you were lying! And now I have Christmas shopping on the brain!


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