Monday, June 16, 2014

Airport Thoughts.

People watching in the airport. While I was writing the last post, and while sitting through a 2 hour delay, I realized that I could devote an entire entry simply on the people and things that you see in the airport.

Like the girl running {barefoot} to what I'm guessing---her flight that she is about to or has missed. You know…things you learn/see/ponder when sitting at a Starbucks in the airport waiting for your flight to depart.

1. Sibling love. I saw two little girls in a stroller, probably 3 & 4 years of age--holding on to each other giggling. I imagined the future ahead of them of talking about boys, sharing clothes, and painting each other toe nails.

2. Chicago airport is ridiculously busy. And not very clean. And just makes you feel gross---simply put.

3. Another guy running. Another flight about to be missed.

4. I wore wedges to the airport. Wedges. To my defense….. I don't know any other time I am not around my children for me to actually wear this $8 find from Target.

5. Mom with the screaming toddler---I feel you. I really really feel you and want to hug you and tell you it's okay.

6. Hey flight attendant with the 6 inch pin point stilettos--- I would freak if you stepped on my foot in the aisle in those.

7. Starbucks to the rescue when you are running on zero sleep.

8.  Airport eats your battery. Like devours it and swallows it whole. I went from 80% to 4% within 3 hours---and that is after turning it off multiple times too.

9.  Good thing I wore long sleeves---it's freezing in this joint. Kind of like the hospital.

10. Flight attendants flirting with pilots is quite the entertainment.

11. One of the first things I look at when I people watch is if they have a ring on. Just something I like to know about a person. Same way as I am more intrigued by those that have children with them---how they interact, how they deal, what they brought with them, and how they travel.

12. I have yet to fly with my own children, but based on my observation from today…. traveling with young children= a lot of shit.

13. Do you ever see people dressed really cute and have this urge to take a picture so that you can copy their style? No? Okay… me neither.

14. The sunglasses inside the airport=classic. Really. Never gets old.

15. To complete my trip, father traveling with a 1 year old all by himself on Father's day= hero.


  1. #2? That's how I feel about LaGuardia. Yuck.

    We're flying with Beckett in August. He'll be almost 6 months old. My husband actually had the balls to suggest that if I couldn't fly up with him, I fly up by myself with the baby on a different day. Um, no way, no how.


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