Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Family ---- more important than words.

We went to Ohio two weekends ago to celebrate Andrew's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. It was a big family affair with lots of food, lots of swimming, and a whole lot of reminiscing. As always, there was a lot to take from this trip. Traveling and being away from home always seems to stimulate a lot of thinking and evaluating for me.

Things that I jotted down while on the trip:

1. No matter the amount of time away from home, it never fails that we pack everything known to mankind merely to survive with two children.

2. Amazing, for the first time ever, we didn't forget a single thing.

3. Two people being married for 60 years is a pretty incredible thing. Something that many people cannot say that they have done. Also reminds me of where this journey of family began and also a glimpse of where it is heading.

4. Veggie chips are really not it anymore.  At all. And definitely not during the car ride.

5. I always feel like I need a food cleanse after a weekend like this. I mean like a no-more-food-type-cleanse. You feel gross. You feel bloated. You feel like you gained a good 10 pounds in a matter of days.

6. Orange is the new black came out while we were gone. I'm ready to watch that again.

7. Staying up to watch the sunrise {because of drinking of course} is not like the good old college days. You realize you're too old, you're too tired, and you're too needed by the little ones.

8. Sleeping in the car is also not what it is cracked out to be.

9. Tantrums on vacation are 10x more horrific than tantrums while at home. Not sure why that is---but it's just that.

10. The best part of time away from home with family is that there are an infinite amount of extra helping hands with the kids. Which means that you are infinitely more likely to rest, take a nap, and relax. Okay, exaggeration, but it helps---that's for sure.

11. A venti starbucks anything is never good for the bowels. Just saying.

And because I promised that I would take pictures on this trip {since I only seem to take out my camera once a month}, I made sure to do just that. Just a couple hundred----not my usual ridiculous amount. But just enough. Just enough for me to look back and say--I need to do this more. I'm happy because I know that it isn't every day that everyone, and I'm talking about everyone, is able to all get together from out of state.  And now we have a little memory of it in the form of a photograph.

Also? I need to be better about throwing the camera into my husband's hands. I think I was in a total of 10 pictures. Most of those were the same.

But, in the end, the most important lesson learned from this trip, and something I am constantly reminded of during these sort of things:

Family is a beautiful thing. Reminds me to never take them for granted.  

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