Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What I'm loving {a lot} and ONE big thing I'm really NOT loving.

***This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are that of my own, and I'm simply sharing things/products that I'm loving. Referral links may be used---to help fund my shopping addiction, of course***

 Building forts with the kids, only to be kicked out once all is said and done. Apparently I do not meet the size requirement nor the cool factor requirement. At least I got a picture in with the kids, except clearly they have not yet mastered the open eyed with flash pose. I've had some bit of experience.

The big TOMS sale with free shipping. Our feet will be pretty darn happy and stylish come fall time. I cannot believe that I'm even talking about the fall season.

My $5.00 watch. With free shipping as well. It came in the mail yesterday and I was smitten on first sight. It really is that much better in person than on the computer when I first ordered it. And the deal was just too good to pass up. How do you get it? Sign up to shoplately via your facebook account. When you do that, you get a $10 credit. Add this watch to your cart, and get the 10 off with free shipping so you end up paying $10.00 {was on sale last week} and wait about a week! Happy mail day.

When two kids nap at the same time. I mean, does this ever get old? The answer is no.

The kids' new placemats {tot talk placemats} . They are from amazon, are large, and they can use dry erase markers when they get older to do the activities on the back. They have an assortment of placemats---The United States, Animals, ABC's, Continents/countries, space, etc. For now, we use them to engage in conversation during breakfast/lunch about the different states, countries, oceans, the space, and the ABC's for Graham as well as colors. I was really impressed with these.

Remembering that you made these bad boys a couple weeks ago, and digging into your fridge halfway through the post to get one out and devour while the kids are napping.

Large Kohl's sale going on now. We put in a large order last night because of the great savings in addition to the Kohl's cash back going on now, but more importantly I found these shirts for about a $1.00 each {after savings} and I ordered 30 to donate to a woman's shelter.

Trader Joe's frozen organic pizza crust. Two in the package. Thin. But absolutely perfect. Found this about 6 months ago and have not steered away since. And never will. If you have a Trader Joe's, try it out.

Preschool skills workbook that helps toddler master the cutting skill. It's fun, there are tons of different activities to work on, and the different shapes make it more challenging. Plus at just $2.00 the price was more than just right.

And the only thing that I'm NOT loving right now is the storm that hit yesterday that caused a big branch to fall of our big tree and resulted in damaging our neighbor's fence.

Unexpected expenses are never fun.... but to look on the brighter side, I am thankful that everyone is okay, that our house was not damaged, and that things are replaceable. Our loved ones are not.

So a lesson to always look at the positives, even when it may be hard or not obvious at the moment. 

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  1. Thanks for the Toms link!! I have been wanting to get a pair and that is a reasonable price! :)

  2. Such a great idea to order those tops to donate to a women's shelter. So thoughtful!


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