Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's have a summer drink and chat. And talk about maybe even BF weaning... maybe.

Normally, I would be inviting you over for coffee or maybe even an adult beverage, but these days the temperature is hitting the roof and nothing, and I mean nothing, sounds as good as a nice cold iced summer beverage.

So a summer beverage it is.

You'd come over and we would hang out on the couch and start with the small talk.  

How's life.
How are the kids.
How's work.
All is well, everyone is healthy, and for the most part very happy. I say most part because, well, you know, the world ends about every other day when mama doesn't pick a child up right away when they are crying or if they don't get their bunny snacks when they ask for them. Other than that, the world is pretty intact.

We would laugh about it. Either because you know exactly how I feel, or because I have told this story one too many times. Either way, we laugh.

You'd probably ask about how my trip to Michigan went and I would smile with delight---it was nice, very nice to just go somewhere, to fly, to do nothing but relax and shop. Rarely do I get an opportunity to do just that and rarely do I ever even want to. But once in a while, you know... once a year, it is nice to take a little 3 day trip to hang out with a friend.

And then you'd probably ask me the burning question. You know, the one where you want to poke and prod about how the "breastfeeding weaning" went.

Big sigh.

It didn't. I came home and we started our journey right back up as though I had never left. I thought maybe he would forget, lost interest, or just become a big boy while I was gone. Boy was I wrong. And? I'm okay with it. The fact that we just weren't ready and that it was not something that he decided on his own, was enough for me to realize that it's just not the end of the journey.

But, I'm going to interrupt the conversation, switch gears, and whip out my phone to show you the cutest picture I ever did see.

Andrew took this picture while the kids were at my parent's house and I was at work. I giggled at the thought that my husband had to somehow squeeze in there somehow.

Our drinks are done and at this point nap time is on it's way. We know we don't mess with nap time.

I'd walk you out the door, and before getting in your car, I'd show you Elli's growing sunflower. Or in her words... giant beanstalk growing to the sky. That's exactly what it looks like too.

We would hug and say "Let's not go another month before we do this!" We would laugh, knowing that it will probably be that long if not longer.

Time has been going by fast. Super fast. And there is absolutely nothing keeping it from slowing down.


  1. I'm glad you had a nice trip!
    I'm with you on time going too fast these days. I wish it would slow down just a bit!

  2. Love this. As a mom who has breastfed past the "normal" length of time, I've heard that question many a time!! Always hot on everyone's mind for some reason lol.

  3. I am just weaning my daughter now, and she's 2.5. Keep going until you want to stop!


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