Thursday, June 21, 2012

This week in pictures and words. {Thursday Randoms}

One of my favorite parts about Thursday Randoms... is that there are no rules. It can get as random as random gets. And today? Well I'm focusing on the picture part to tell the story.

Because sometimes? I just don't want to talk. Or write. Or blabber blabber.

So? The pictures will talk for me.

And this past week.....

We took belly pictures.
I took walks with my belly and my elli girl. Elli belly.
During our walk we would stop to enjoy a smoothie. A first for the Ell bell.
Ate fruit after a busy day at the park including a splash pad {which.. splashing water is not E's cup of tea}
Made a vegetable fruit smoothie for the very first time {post to come on this}.
And the toddler devoured it... obviously.... while in her fancy schmancy robe.
We slept funny. Real funny.
Went to the pool... with the prego belly
Went to the big one day sale on Saturday with my mama at Macy's & H&M and purchased tons of great goodies! 4 dresses for me... a pair of shoes... 4 PJ's for Elli and outfits for her and my nephew.
Total spent: $50.00
Built castles at my parent's house.... my baby did obviously. She's talented.
Took driver's ED.... clearly Elliana is a pro already.
Girl time at my parent's pool with E, my sister, and ME
Practiced our sass skills.
Snuggled with grandma
Fed each other raspberries. 
Made amazing crockpot dinner recipes.

Estrea Winner
Chelsea T- you should be receiving an email from Molly soon. Congrats again!

Scheduled Posts
Friday: Bump Attack 11 weeks
Monday: Puppy Love
Tuesday: Why now is the perfect time for baby #2
Wednesday: Motherhood word vomit part II
Thursday: Thursday Randoms
Friday: Bump Attack 12 weeks


  1. I LOVE bump pictures. You look so stinkin' cute!

    I mentioned your "Neighbors" post today in my post. I hope you don't mind.

  2. Fun! Elli belly is too funny :0

  3. Haha I love the one of her practicing her sass.. she is so adorable!

  4. You are soooo cute! Love that belly:)

  5. Seriously, you look amamzing and Elli could not be any cuter...especially all dolled up in pink downing her pink smoothie. Adorbs.

  6. your bump is seriously so cute! Love the pics!

  7. That little robe is too cute. You are looking fabulous lady, love your swimsuit.

  8. That little robe is too cute. You are looking fabulous lady, love your swimsuit.

  9. Oh please share that amazing crockpot dinner recipe! Looks yummy! And you and your sweet girl look adorable!

  10. Your pictures are too adorable! I love you bump, so dang cute. & Little E is gorgeous! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

  11. I loooove her little robe- so sweet!

    I saw on instagram you made porkchops with cream of chicken soup & a ranch packet?! I made that about a week ago-- minus the potatoes as we're trying the whole low-carb thing, but I thought the meat turned out so yummy!!!!

  12. Can't wait for many, many more months of bump pics!! :) I hope you are feeling well!! :)

  13. LOVE the belly pics. TOO CUTE.
    Wish I was as cute as you :)
    Instead I'm a swollen heifer.

    <3 Love ya pretty momma!!!

  14. Love the belly pics :) You look great!

  15. AHhh, I love all these pictures she is so cute & so are you!

  16. Seriously! I love the pictures you share! Your baby bump is the cutest!

  17. aw how cute is your wittle belly?!


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